She inspires: Tiffany Julia

Pure eye candy: her work, that is – though she is a total beaut too!

What I love about her style

It’s just so pretty! I mean, take a glance at her Instagram feed and you’ll see why it’s everything that I love.

She has a natural sense of style and design, a beautiful, gentle character and she manages to express who she is in her work… and that’s pretty impressive.

Why I’m glued to her videos

Her manner is just so calming! You feel like you’ve spent an hour at a spa after watching one.

Oh, and will I sound very old if I admit that she reminds me of being… well, quite a bit younger than I am now? I literally *eat up* how fresh and youthful her work is.

My very favourite Tiffany Julia projects…

Here’s a handful to get you started, but be sure to subscribe on youtube and follow on Instagram if you don’t already, as this lass just has creativity oozing out of every pore (sorry: that sounded yuckier than I intended).

If you enjoy ‘art with heart’, I couldn’t recommend Tiffany more.

Oh, and her dog is the cutest.

6 thoughts on “She inspires: Tiffany Julia

  1. missnadia949

    I seriously admire the both of you. Suse you’ve opened up a whole new world for our generation to pass on this legacy you’ve started; and it’s absolutely amazing. Tiffany, you are the closest thing to the “scraptherapy” style.. but with your own twist. I love everything about you, and your blog. I look up to you, how you create, and your thought process. I also support both of you’re shops. Thank you for being you… and sharing that with the world. Means so so much to me.
    Nadia A.

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