10 things about me

A fun post today: ten things you may not know about me.

Here we go…

One: I’m a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)

I can’t watch anything scary, can barely look at the news and get overwhelmed in social situations very, very quickly.

I limit myself to non-scary novels and stick to 12-rated chick flicks and teen comedies.

I’ve vowed to never own an i-phone, as I just know that I wouldn’t cope with all that excitement coming along with me wherever I go.

On the plus side, I can read a room pretty accurately and often hear what’s not being said.

Two: I’m actually a dog person

Although we’ve always had cats since I’ve been married, I grew up with Springer Spaniels and always found cats a bit aloof and creepy.

But as soon as you own one, they have a way of winning you round, don’t they?

Three: I don’t find motherhood easy

Perhaps no one does, I don’t know, but I certainly have to work at it.

I think it’s a combination of enjoying my own company, liking to feel in control and needing things to stay fairly ordered – all things that tend to go out the window when little people arrive!

That said, the minute she was born – and she was nearly three years in the making – my heart grew about a squillion sizes.

Four: I took a year out of Christianity in my twenties

I’d just had enough of being the good girl all my life and wanted to let my hair down, good and proper.

Trouble was, God didn’t go away, even when I gave Him explicit instructions to.

And in the end, I so desperately missed Him, that I sheepishly asked if He’d have me back.

I like to think He punched the air in response.

Five: I started scrapbooking as an experiment

I wanted to see if all the gorgeous layouts out there were lovely because of the nice product, or because of the creative talent of the maker.

After about a year of making layouts made from envelopes, bottle tops and bits of tin foil, I decided it was probably a bit of both.

Six: I am incredibly liberal when it comes to matters of faith

So much so, that I suspect many of my Evangelical friends would struggle to have me around as soon as they discovered where I’m at.

But I’m at a stage of life where I’m just a whole lot more comfortable with greys than I am with black and whites*.

(*This obviously doesn’t apply in scrapbooking: then it’s black and white all the way.)

Seven: I still get envious when I see Design Team announcements

I think because it’s just such an awesome honour.

When I first made the Felicity Jane Creative team, I felt like I was luckiest girl alive.

We each received a little polka-dotted box of ‘well done’ treats and it really felt like the most thrilling accomplishment ever.

Eight: I once kissed Phillip Schofield

Of course, I like to leave it there and hope that everyone imagines some sort of passionate nightclub clinch.

In reality, I lined up in a shopping centre for an hour with my bestie when we were about fourteen and each claimed a peck from puppet side-kick Gordon the Gopher too.

Nine: I dream of small-space living

One day, I’d love to get rid of most of my stuff and live somewhere tiny. The idea really appeals!

I watch The Reset Girl’s videos with awe: life in an RV just looks so liberating…

Ten: I don’t know where I want this scrapbooking thing to go

If anywhere: there’s a lot to be said for doing your own sweet thing without a thought for anyone but you.

What I do hanker after, I think, is fulfilling my potential: I’m just not sure what that looks like yet.

14 thoughts on “10 things about me

  1. Me too, I can relate to a lot of this as well. All except the small space living. My husband is a borderline hoarder and it would drive me crazy to try to contain that! (it already does drive me crazy!)
    And, I have to admit, I had to Google Phillip Schofield… I once gushed over John Denver in person. Does that count?

    Tina J.

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  2. Oh gosh no – small space living with a borderline hoarder would not work out so well! :/ Just off now to google John Denver… I know: I know nothing at all, lol xxx


  3. manxbanshee

    So as the cat lover with a penchant for ghost/ horror/ crime stories & movies… who did the catering for Squeeze at a student union gig & went backstage (could have been interesting)… couldn’t cope with small living (I quite fancy living on smaller island – Shetland/ Orkney)… took slightly longer than a year out from other Christians but not God… BUT totally with you on the grey bits (liberal radical/ radical liberal maybe…?) best bit is enjoying finding and fulfilling our potential – go for it – enjoy

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  4. Great post, it’s lovely to learn more about you and I can totally relate to a lot of what you say!

    I too am a dog person and have always been, however, my husband and I got a cat last year and although she’s weird, aloof and constantly trying to consume plastic bags (I worry about her innards)… I wouldn’t change her for the world.

    I like your HSP abbreviation too and as a fellow HSP I sympathise with your social anxiety – sometimes I leave queues at coffee shops because I panic that they might ask me a question I can’t answer… which I know is silly, but it’s part of my ornate tapestry of THE UNKNOWN… haha

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  5. Woah! Catering for Squeeze! That is kind of huge! (sorry: too many exclamation marks ;)) I used to have ‘Up the Junction’ on repeat.

    I’ve been trying to work out who you might be, but you’re clearly not the person we guessed đŸ˜‰

    You did throw me for a minute there though, as my nickname in my old workplace was Squeeze (it sounds a little like Suse), so I had to re-read your comment a few times! Lol xxx

    ps Love these thoughts

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  6. manxbanshee

    catering for Squeeze was a favour for a friend who normally did the catering – we are talking ham sandwiches/ cheese sandwiches – made in the most appalling conditions in the basement of the Students Union – no one got food poisoning (miracle) although the whole thing was like an episode of The Young Ones (with shades of Ab Fab)…

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  7. Susan Brochu

    Thank you for sharing more about yourself! I was catching up today on one of my favorite shows (This is Us) – two of the characters were talking about being parents and one of them said something that I really identified with : “Look, all you can do is pack the days with as much good stuff as possible and hope it outweighs the bad. You hope that the good stuff sticks.” I had to save this one for a future layout đŸ™‚

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  8. Oh I can’t watch horror movies either! and the news upsets me SO MUCH. I really love documentaries, but those about injustice of some sort affect me profoundly as well. I don’t think I’m an HSP though, unless I’m well at coping (or dealing with) my sensativities. I just feel ALL THE THINGS lol! Love this post. Thanks for sharing! I enjoyed learning a bit more about you! xx

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  9. Ah, you’re the best!

    Yes, I’ve struggled a bit with this over the years… I always felt that tension between needing to be informed and aware of global injustices, and needing to protect my mental health. It’s a tough one!

    I found watching children’s news programmes a good option. There’s also a newspaper here which gives the news in bite-size chunks with very few of the details that can play on your mind. Reading that once a week works well for me too.

    What I need to stop doing, is looking at the BBC news site before I go to bed… a great way to unsettle myself! :/


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