Me right now

Rocking | my Converse boots: spring is on the way, people!

Reading | this one that I spotted in my thrift shop.

I just hope it doesn’t have me bawling like a baby, like her other one did.

Loving | the pink of these roses that I spotted outside our supermarket… hubba bubba! (ooh, that sounds like a kit name)

Wearing | my little dress & jeans combos.

The jeans feel super comfy, but the dress adds a touch of,

“Right, girl: today we are getting things done!”

Buying | pretty bits from Hema for the lasses to make little autograph books at Kitty’s upcoming birthday sleepover.

Prioritising | getting myself right into the middle of this (the scenery, not the sea) whether I feel like it or not.

It’s right there on my doorstep, and as the preacher said in church yesterday, the water changes colour hour by hour: what a gift!

Wishing | I could ignore the housework and stick pretty stuff.

Maybe if I hoover really quickly, I can sneak in an hour of play too…

8 thoughts on “Me right now

  1. Tina Dudelson

    Ahhhh, spring is coming (as I watch the snow fall from my office window). I’ve been so loving your Converse that I ordered a pair for myself yesterday (the kind slip on-no laces for me lol). Your scenery is so beautiful and peaceful; absolutely breathtaking.

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  2. Oh, I do love Converse! I’m a UK size 9 (a normal size for men!) so it’s lovely to be able to get shoes that fit me that come in cute colours too đŸ˜‰ xx


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