Thinking out loud

Hey gang. I wanted to drop in and find out what you think about something… as patient as he is, the hubby doesn’t really have much of a view and I clearly need my tribe!

Today was ‘kit day’ for me, in that I picked up May and June’s kits from the printers (yes, working ahead, rather! I hope to design a years’ worth, then come back and do all the extras I have in mind).

So that side of things is all going really well!

I’m loving the design process, loving the amount of money I’m saving and really enjoying playing with my own products.


My stuff is always so completely scruffy, guys; it’s just how it seems to come out.

And while most of the time I’m fine with that, I have these moments where I think,

“Guh: I just wish I could tidy it up a bit!”

I made this layout last night. All very lovely and I came alive making it, but I’ll be honest; at the end, I thought,

“Beautiful mess or just plain ol’ hot mess?”

I’m still not sure. It’s what comes out of me naturally, but it’s certainly not what I’d frame for my wall.

So back to scraptherapy (you can see why the hubby might have started to lose interest, can’t you?)

I’m determined not to spend this year; I’m determined to stick to my products.

But then I saw this mouthwateringly lovely Heidi Swapp blog post about Memory Planners (as if I wasn’t already obsessed with those…)

And girls, if there’s ever a good reason for staying in our own lanes and not looking around at what everyone else is doing, it’s this.

Because you start to compare, don’t you? It’s almost inevitable.

You look at that deliciously yummy planner full of so many gorgeous things, designed so beautifully and colourfully and it’s all so glossy and divine… and then you look at what you’re making.

I’ve been thinking around a way forward and I wondered if my beautiful Felicity Jane planner from my Design Team days might be the way forward for me.

Would I get a similar ‘Memory Planner’ kick by popping my scraptherapy pages into an equally gorgeous binder?

Only what happens when it’s full? And is this just too nice to put all my rubbish into?

I might try and tidy things up a bit, if only temporarily. It would be a bonus to work in the smaller daily chunks that a planner format affords, as time is definitely more limited these days.

I’m already realising I need to cut my youtube videos down to one process a month and abandon the flip-thrus – there are just too many nice things to do in this lovely life (a wonderful problem to have, for sure!)

Thanks for listening to me witter on about my first world scrap problems, girls: the Rev. will be grateful, I’m certain!

11 thoughts on “Thinking out loud

  1. I love your style and your approach, but it doesn’t hurt to try something new from time to time. I say try the planner if you think it may settle that itch for a HS memory planner. If you end up loving working in that way, you can always just store each finished month with binder rings that way you can continue using the one planner.

    I know it’s very hard sometimes to not compare what you’re making to others. I go through this cycle more often than not and I’m constantly changing what I’m doing to try out what someone else has done. I almost always end up doing me, but sometimes working like someone else is a great way to learn a few new things to add to your crafty toolbox…and those were the bits that you were attracted to in the first place.

    If you can’t immediately try something out, jot it down. I learned this trick from artist Ali Brown. It’s called Joy Notes. She uses a little notebook to keep track of things she’s done in her art that she absolutely loves and wishes to try again. I made a comment to her that you can also use it to keep track of all the things you admire about someone else’s work that you wish to try out yourself. She said she loves the way I think! XD

    So whenever you feel like changing things up in your craft, you can refer to your Joy Notes. I’ve been finding that this approach helps when I get stuck comparing what I make to what others make. I look at their work and try to determine what I like most about it that I feel my work is lacking, and I jot it down for future reference, to try adding that bit to my work later. Cause I’ve realized, it’s always just a bit of someone’s work that’s unlike ours that always gets us! I thought I’d share this as keeping Joy Notes may be an idea that may work for you too.

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  2. Ah, Tiffany, I love these ideas and I’m so happy that you just get me so well! I felt a bit of a daftie voicing all of this, but it is the sort of thing we scrappy girls turn over in our minds, isn’t it?

    I loved how you worked in your Felicity Jane planner – so I’ve done a first page and have to say, I love it. I’ve tried to stay ‘me’ but neaten things up just a touch and actually really enjoyed the restfulness of slowing down a little more in my choices.

    Thank you so much for commenting – it means an awful lot just to be understood! 😉 xxx

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  3. Hi Suse, I’ve been following your blog for awhile and I really like your creative and refreshing approach to scraptherapy and life in general. And re your scraptherapy layouts, I LOVE your style! I’ve never thought of it as messy – if anything it’s lovely, creative and artistic. I’m not much of a scrapper – although I am drawn to bible journalling – but I find your style very inspiring. So if you must change your layout style (and I secretly hope you don’t!) only do so if that’s where your creative heart is leading, not because you feel you should 🙂

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  4. Tina Dudelson

    “Comparison will be the number one thing that will keep you from doing what you are called to do. You have a gift, a purpose, a desire in your heart that is different than anyone else’s. You are wired that way for a reason”. When I read your post, I immediately thought of this quote I saw this morning on IG. I have just printed it out and will be putting in my journals as a reminder to myself. Like Tiffany said, I think it’s great to try new things, that’s how we all learn and grow but in the end,You Do You, because that’s what you do best!.

    I’m not a planner girl, so had to go check out the HS planner and honestly, I like the Felicity Jane planner better (but that’s just me). I know you would have have no problem using your digitals as planner items; I think it would be adorable. Sounds like you’re already giving it a whirl; hope you post a few completed pages if there’s not anything to personal.

    Hope you have a beautiful weekend!

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  5. Ooh Tina, I do like that quote! Might need to print that one out for my book too!

    I too love Felicity Jane planners more, as they’re simpler and prettier… I’m excited about this new idea!

    I think comparison is an enemy – until we see something that sparks a discomfort that makes us try to do something better. I hope that’s the case here… 😉

    I always make sure personal stuff goes on hidden tags these days… sneaky blogger trick! 😉

    Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts – you guys are just the sounding board I needed! xxx

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  6. Wow, you’ve been busy. I was only away from home for one day, Suse! LOL

    So, have we established that your style is not yucky messy? It’s beautiful messy and original and inspiring and happy!
    However… as Tiffany said, sometimes it’s fun to play around and experiment with other styles. Go for it!
    I also agree with Tina D, I like your FJ planner best.
    Ok, I’m on to the next post, to contribute my 2 cents!

    Tina J.

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  7. Anastasia Anastasiadi

    The thing is, there are 7 billion people on this planet and each one is somehow different from others. Comparing oneself to others is just a waste of time and energy.
    If it makes you feel alive – it’s the best thing you can do, right?:)
    PS. I love your style. I would frame that LO definitely))

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  8. It really is a waste of time and energy! I was listening to Dido the other day (brought back a lot of memories) and it occurred to me how unique her voice was.

    Then I thought of how Beyonce would never decide that she couldn’t sing because she didn’t sound like Dido… they’re just both fab with their own God-given talents.

    As are all of us paper-obsessed ladies! xx


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