Enough is enough

The trouble is, we get the message that we need to be doing every single thing and doing it perfectly.

I think that’s a bit of a fib. And who has the energy for that, anyway?

The secret to enjoying our days – I’m convinced – is in realising that we can’t do everything amazingly and that very often, good enough really is enough.

I could never get into any sort of exercise regime until I started walking.

Walking doesn’t even feel like exercise to me: it’s a time to turn up a podcast and turn down the noise in my head and now I don’t miss a day.

And when it’s really cold or I don’t have much energy? I’ll just walk to the shops and back.

And that’s good enough for me.

Some days I’ll get round every room in our house and pick things up; some days, the bed doesn’t even get made.

It’s okay: no one yet has withdrawn their hand of friendship over my hit-and-miss housekeeping skills.

We tell kids to, “Do your best!” but I’m not sure that statement’s all that helpful.

With my kit designs, I’m putting in as much time as feels healthy.

Could they be my very best work if I put in more than a few hours a week? Absolutely.

But are they just fine as they are for my purposes? Yep.

I iron once a week, which means there is pretty much always ironing waiting to be done.

The same goes for every other chore: when it happens on a weekly rota, the result is that the house never looks completely put together.

But it’s pretty much sanitary… so that’s okay. Certainly good enough.

You know, I have tried to be the pinterest-perfect wife and mum in the past, but I don’t anymore. I’d rather leave that to the women who are paid to create all that beautiful content!

This year for his birthday, Rev. Fish got a fondant ‘portrait’ popped onto a shop-bought cake and it raised a smile and tasted good: job done.

My diet isn’t perfect: I have a terrible habit of eating butter straight from the pat and have the shakes most of the time from over-consumption of coffee.

But I figure that so long as most of my choices are on the nutritious side, it’s not so bad.

And enough has become enough with my creativity too.

I can spend hours making layouts that will bring in lots of love on social media or I can spend the twenty minutes I actually have sticking a few things together and writing down a few thoughts.

One of those approaches feels healthy.

I used to berate myself that I didn’t read more, until I asked the question,

“Why am I not prioritising this?”

Turned out, that because I couldn’t read whole chapters in one sitting, I was striking the activity off my list. Daft, huh?

So these days, I schedule time to read: it’s never for long and lounging around ‘unproductively’ always feels uncomfortable, but it’s doing me good.

And guess what? I eventually finish books.

Turns out, little and often really can be enough.

16 thoughts on “Enough is enough

  1. I read on Instagram that you’re playing with a new collection. Any chance we might be getting black and white florals?

    I love this post. I still need to figure out what my ENOUGH is. You’d think I’d already know that at my age… LOL

    Tina J.

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  2. Tina Dudelson

    I LOVE to read and I really need to devote time to it. Thanks for the reminder oh and totally loving the kitty mug! All of the photos in this post are amazing. How do you manage to make laundry look so beautiful? πŸ˜‰

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  3. Ha ha, it’s all the camera, Tina πŸ˜‰

    I love reading too… so relaxing to just escape from your own world into another, even for just a little while.

    Any author recommendations for me? xx


  4. Aha, funny you should mention black and white florals! I certainly have one coming up in a kit, but I’d like to do a few extras before then – some black and white florals, some butterflies, maybe some leaves – shapes that can all be fussy cut out and layered around photos really easily πŸ™‚ xxx

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  5. Tina Dudelson

    Gee, no author recommendations come to mind right now. I tend to read thrillers, the more suspenseful the better; I love a good page-turner.

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  6. Tina Dudelson

    Thanks, I’ll definitely will check her out! I have access to Kindle first reads (I get to choose a free book once a month; usually new authors that are not on any bestseller list). It can be hit or miss so will let you know when I run across any good ones. I’m still undecided about my current read. πŸ˜‰

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  7. Yes! We just can’t physically do everything brilliantly, can we? It has to be a case of doing the things that are super important to us well, then just making sure the rest gets kind of done xx


  8. Anastasia Anastasiadi

    I think that doing our best is still a good idea. But doing our best at this particular moment. Some days I have mpre energy, other days getting early to bed is the best I can do to take care of myself, right?
    (I agree about perfectly being impossible and overrated:)

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