My word | Feb update

The inspiring word that came to me for 2019 was ‘enjoy’: here’s how it’s working out for me one month in…

It can be easy to panic when it comes to parenting: you worry that you’re getting it wrong, making mistakes that will have life-long consequences, messing up that precious little person…

I’ve been making an effort to chill out a bit and just enjoy my daughter for the wonderful little gift she is.

I’ve been trying to remember to trust her to God’s care too – I know He never left my side when I was a kid, so it shouldn’t be any different for her.

I think my default response must be worry… I certainly relate to that melancholy Eeyore type!

It can be tempting to spend a lot of time wishing this ‘island’ stage of life were forever and worrying about what might be around the corner in terms of our calling.

But the fact is that right now, we’ve been given the gift of a very beautiful place to live.

And I think God would nudge me, point at the beauty and say,

“Enjoy, babe!”

I was inspired by The Reset Girl to make a mood board before we moved here of images that summed up the way I wanted my new life to look.

It mainly focussed on the outdoors, the simple and the cosy.

It can be so easy to fill my days with activity and striving, and I’m making a real effort to punctuate my days with times spent refreshing my soul.

One of the reasons I decided to give the proceeds from my kit sales charity, was that I didn’t want a fun project to become something that got tied up in ambition for me.

I can be an ambitious sort, and while I’m open to God putting opportunities in my path, I don’t want to become knotted up with the negative emotions that come with needing something to go somewhere it’s not meant to be.

I’m loving this little venture and I’m absolutely determined to keep enjoying it!

Enjoying what I already have has been the biggest challenge by far, I’ll be honest. I’m a shopper! I love getting new pretty things and deciding to stop shopping for scrap supplies and home decor items has been really, really hard.

But in a world where a whole load of people live in conditions we’d struggle to imagine, I know that I want to break my habit of cheering myself up with more stuff that I don’t need.

It’s important to me that I enjoy all the gorgeous things I already own and strive to cultivate a truly grateful heart.

4 thoughts on “My word | Feb update

  1. I so relate to your parenting worries! I’ve said before that once I became a mom, I began to exist in a barely controlled state of panic. 😂 worrying about my child is as normal as breathing, but there is a point when it is just too much. Especially as they get older and we are forced to loosen the reins. Ugh. Do you hear me convincing myself here? Lol
    Anyhow, I hear you. Working on many similar things myself

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  2. Gosh yes! They say it’s like your heart walking around outside your body and it really is! I don’t think I’ve had a single day where I’ve not been thinking of her in a slightly ‘is she okay?” way…

    Perhaps this is perfectly natural and just how mommas are made! 😉 xxx


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