Connect to power

So I’m walking to church and it’s kind of raining: the cold, drizzly sort that blows straight in your face.

But the week’s been one of those and I need the fresh air. So I pull up my hood, dig in my pocket for my iPod and click to a favourite uplifting podcast.

“Welcome to the God Centred Mom!” says Heather perkily, before suddenly cutting out.

I fiddle with the leads – sometimes these headphones are temperamental – but no: nothing.

I glance down at the screen and I’m not at all surprised to see that the thing’s given up, because I’ve been using it so frequently without recharging it.

“Connect to power,” the screen reads.

I had to smile to myself. I was hoping the podcast would be a good way to avoid me having to ‘connect to power’.

Sometimes when we’re tired and weary, it can be so much easier just to push God away.

But His love refuses to go away, however much we try to fill our days with noise and activity.

And He understands all that we walk through, because He’s never not been right there alongside us.

Oh, love that will not let us go: we rest our weary souls in thee.

5 thoughts on “Connect to power

  1. that He’s there. I have a crisis of faith every once in a while that really, REALLY sucks. One of my goals with my One Little Word this year is to put myself outside, in this beautiful forest we live in and talk to God. I can’t wait for the weather to give me that opportunity! I want the peace that comes with KNOWING.
    (Sorry, I accidentally hit return too soon.)

    Hope your Sunday is magical, Suse.

    Tina J.

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  2. I actually think those crises of faith are really good for us – and essential… it keeps it all real.

    It’s like we’re all in a forest and He’s playing hide and seek to lead us deeper into our spirituality… that’s how I see it anyway. A positive thing and not cause for concern 🙂

    You have a magical one too, lovely! xxx


  3. Linda Mann

    “Conect to power” What a priceless message! It’s so much easier turning to the distractions of podcasts or other things, although they may be good, instead of turning to God’s word to seek Him for our recharging. Thank you for that.

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  4. Yes, Linda! But don’t we all prefer the ‘quick fix’ of entertaining ourselves, when our hearts actually crave something that goes far deeper? Loads of love, friend xxx


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