Insta-decor on a budget

I like a cute home. But the pennies aren’t really there for splashy decor updates.

Here are a few ideas for getting that cute black and white Instagram look in your home without spending very much at all…

Framing sheets of scrapbooking paper is a favourite trick of mine.

Tacking them up un-framed suits me just as well too!

We have this particular Crate Paper design in at least three spots in our house… I love the positive message and graphic print.

If you have sofas in colours you don’t totally love, just sling neutral throws over them.

I spotted this fleecy throw in a thrift shop and it does the job beautifully.

Another of my favourite tricks is turning old t-shirts into cushion covers, like this spotted number.

Ikea sell these brilliant little plastic succulents for pennies that look pretty real.

Sat alongside some driftwood, it all looks rather stylish, doesn’t it?

We have white bedding, but when I want to update the scheme in our room, I just hunt down a second-hand single duvet cover to go over the quilt that goes over the end.

I spotted – ha! – this H&M one on eBay. It also came with a rather darling pillowcase…

… but the daughter has snaffled that!

Talking of the daughter, I love tacking up her kiddy art.

I direct her pretty closely in what I’m after, but she always comes up trumps.

Making sure I shout, “That’s it – stop!” at the right time is key, I think so things don’t get overworked or too ‘perfected’.

I found this little cloud decoration for her room in a thrift store… the lightbox came from the poundshop and really helps give a funky look to her room.

I always feel that black and white with the odd pop of pretty colour is a really fresh, timeless look.

This art print was from the pound shop too.

I rather wish I’d bought one for me…

It sounds daft, but having cute things that don’t really work properly works for me too!

I got this typewriter on eBay and though it’s typing is very hit and miss, it looks gorgeous sat on a table.

Displaying multiples of items can work nicely visually too.

These pencils were from the pound shop, but I’ve also got my eye on a pack of plain white ones from Hema.

One of my favourite tricks is to frame greetings cards.

I love the Felicity Jane-vibe of this one!

There are lots of free printables online that you can just download and print out at home.

This one looks the bee-knees from a distance, but is actually just a (slightly ropey) laser print out on closer inspection!

Our hallway was a bit of a mess until I decided enough was enough and took it in hand.

I bought some over-door hangers for the utility room for our coats to go on.

For an un-named smaller person whose little legs couldn’t seem to make the mile-long trek to hang her coat up, we popped a hook in the wall and a stool for her shoes.

A final tip is to keep an eye out for little bits that will add visual freshness without much expense at all.

I have this planner pad stood on a shelf as a decoration.

And these ‘potty people’ are one of the only decorations in our little loo!

But how cute are they?

What are your tips for sweet decor on a budget? I’d love to hear?

4 thoughts on “Insta-decor on a budget

  1. I’ve mentioned before that we downsized recently and the curious part has been the coinciding confirmation that my decorating tastes have shifted, too. Thanks for the tips which I will keep in mind as I continue to purge and refine what best reflects us at this stage of life. So glad you shared!

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  2. We had a mid-century ranch home and lots of “hand me downs” from aging relatives over the 29 years we lived there. Hubby and I had already found ourselves drawn to simpler, more neutral decor (think Ikea) and had started replacing items. You know, part of it is being able to move things on your own as you get older… but anyway, we like less clutter (hubby has dyslexia and can’t settle when there’s too much visual stimulation) and are interested in purchasing things foundational items that are non-trendy and going to last as we approach retirement. Then we can add trendy touches that are inexpensive and don’t have sentimental value. To be honest, when someone comes to visit, I don’t want their immediate reaction to be that “old people live here”, lol! Comfortable, a little quirky, cheerful, but an easy care background for great visiting.

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  3. Gosh, how interesting that your husband’s dyslexia is affected by his environment… that is so fascinating.

    I think our homes and their decor must have quite an influence on us all, don’t you? Perhaps subconsciously.

    I’ve always felt more relaxed in a sparsely decorated space and know the minute our house goes over my comfortable limit. That’s usually the point that I need to take back all my ‘treasures’ to the recycling centre for someone else to enjoy! 😉


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