Scrapbooking Q&A

It’s a bit scary asking if anyone has any questions for you online… there’s always that terror that no one really cares all that much!

But you guys came up trumps – thank you! (and phew)

I got such a kick out of making this video.

I played around a bit with some of the features of the editing software we have and really like the results!

You can hear in my voice that I’m kind of nervous at first, but by the end I’ve loosened up so much that I’m *burping*… but I doubt anyone will notice that bit, lol.

Settle in with a cuppa, girls: it’s a long one!

12 thoughts on “Scrapbooking Q&A

  1. Lor

    Super fun to hear your answers!! A thought about the calming (which I agree with) It’s funny for me that people in interwebs land often say I’m sweet, but I would say I am far from it!!

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  2. I thoroughly enjoyed this Q&A! Thank you for sharing a bit more about you! I smiled at the calming bit. I totally find you calming as well, but I also totally get what you mean when you say you’re not calming at all! My friends often describe me as being “really chill” meaning I’m super laid-back, relaxed and nothing phases me, when–if you just ask my mother–I’m far from it! I’m a terrible worrier and anything seemingly negative (like the news for example) really affects me emotionally. I guess I’m just good at masking it while in public. XD xxx

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