Suse-blue, anxiety & flip-outs

“This life sometimes shakes you like a can of Coke: it’s natural to erupt every now and then when it all gets too much. Rest now: be kind to you, then try again tomorrow… it’s okay.”

I was just listening to a brilliant podcast about dealing with anxiety and it made me think of this ‘Suse-blue’ page I made the other day, after I’d had a total melt-down.

This page was all about working through my feelings in a grace-giving way, a process that works so incredibly well for me.

You’ll understand why I was almost punching the air when I heard Kristen say on the podcast,

“There’s been lots of research about what happens when you take a notebook and write about your feelings. When people spend as little as fifteen minutes per session, they have significant improvements in their mental health…”

For me, the process of working through a wobble like this includes going for a calming walk, making a scraptherapy page with positive ‘try again’ imagery, journalling my feelings, and then apologising to both God and my family – or anyone else who got sprayed with metaphorical Coke!

On an artsy side note, I’m pleased with how I managed to tie the two pages together using paint… a first for me, but a trick I’ll be using again, for sure, as it gives a much bigger canvas to play on.

Useful when you’re taking out your rage on B&Q tester pots!

6 thoughts on “Suse-blue, anxiety & flip-outs

  1. Tina Dudelson

    The quote really resonated with me. My word this year is “Kind” with the emphasis of learning to be kind to myself. I need to keep reminding myself of that… The pages are beautiful; love the pops of blue!

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  2. That’s a brilliant word to have, Tina.

    I think we can be so hard on ourselves! I’ve started listening to how I speak to myself internally and it’s not nearly as gently as it should be.

    We all get overwhelmed… things can get too much… the trick is making things right again and trying again tomorrow.

    Although Kitty doesn’t see Perfect Mummy, I hope she sees Real Mummy: someone reacting to life, apologising when she messes up and trying again tomorrow.

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  3. Susan Brochu

    That blue is such a pretty shade! For me, part of the anxiety is keeping things inside me. When I scribble things out on a piece of paper, I feel a little lighter. Even if the words don’t make sense or aren’t legible to anyone but me, releasing them from my head works wonders.

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  4. Yes! So so true. There’s power in getting those words down… even if you’re only confiding in a little book, a problem shared really does feel like a problem halved.

    And you can always write in code, as I often do too! 😉 (we really are a crafty pair!)


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