Seaglass inspired

I never expected little pieces of washed up litter to play such a key role in my life, but there we are: I’m still completely obsessed with seaglass!

Collecting the little gems gives me a reason to be on the beach each morning, which helps my mental health no end.

And the beautiful shades of blue and green never fail to inspire my scrappy backgrounds.

Each morning, I collect a few more pieces.

Some have been turned into art projects and some given away, but most…

Well, most of them live in the bottles placed around our house.

I may need a bigger sweetie jar…

4 thoughts on “Seaglass inspired

  1. You live in a prime location for seaglass, which is super special as there aren’t very many coasts that contain these little gems anymore! I love them and how you’ve incorporated them into your projects. Plus, they come in my very favorite shade of green too! 😀

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