Hey Sunshine & that song

Yipee! My next little kit has landed on planet Etsy.

I am so loving this design lark… too much fun!

It’s my usual mix of super-cute yumminess… I never have much of a plan for these kits, beyond thinking of all the sorts of images that float my boat.

There’s an admission!

Admission number two, is that the green colour wasn’t supposed to come out that kelly green shade… but I actually quite like it!

And now onto some even more exciting news…

I’ve located that song! You know, the darling one I play on nearly every single video?

Add it to your playlists now for ‘chill on demand’… you’re so welcome!

4 thoughts on “Hey Sunshine & that song

  1. Ooo yay! And yay for finding THE SONG! Was it just a song on your video editing program? It’s so beautiful, thanks for sharing it. It’s hard to find nice songs for videos that are copyright free. I’ve recently begun to use my own music in these new videos I’ve just completed editing…I’m kinda nervous about putting that bit of myself out there tho!

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