Creating for joy

I’ve been thinking recently about how our creating stays life-giving by staying free.

When we approach our projects with a child-like view of, “Ooh, how am I going to play today?” things stay light and joyful.

I started my page by printing this quote onto a sheet of A4 paper, then trimming it down.

I was aiming to get it central, but as with most of my projects, it’s not quite perfect!

My ear was also caught by this snatch of conversation on the Simple podcast.

I love the idea of creating purely for our own enjoyment and satisfaction.

I started my cluster by using a glue stick, then went back and peeled up edges so that I could dimension with tiny foam pads.

What I most like about working in these little books is that each page can be a different style.

This one is perhaps part scrapbook and part Traveller’s Notebook style, and the odd pocket page looks great too, but I have a feeling a more expressive art journal style page is brewing too!

4 thoughts on “Creating for joy

  1. I have SO MUCH FUN in my little scrap therapy book! It gives me more freedom to create anything. It doesn’t have to follow a theme or a pattern. There doesn’t have to be a scrapworthy event or story. I’m loving it!
    Can’t wait to see what you do next. Oh… And whatever happened with sewing grocery receipts to tulle or was it taffeta?

    Tina J.

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