3 things I’m learning

One: that I need a rhythm to thrive

Like the waves going in and out, I need a rhythm to my life. An ‘on’ time and an ‘off’ time; a work time and a rest time.

And I need the two to be clearly defined, which for me means guarding my rest times by switching the computer off each time I pull on my fluffy slippers.

Two: that I shouldn’t regret my ‘no’s’

I’ve said no to two amazing offers this week and while part of me is tempted to feel disappointed that the introverted me doesn’t feel up to the challenges, I’m realising that I need to make the choices that are right for me.

We each make the decisions that feel right for us at the stage we’re at, and I need to remember that choosing to keep my life small and simple right now is still a very good choice.

Three: that life doesn’t need to be full of thrills to be wonderful

This is the trouble with quitting shopping, social media and sugar: you flail around a bit at first, wondering where the next feel-good hit is going to come from.

But it’s a positive step to realise that the calmness of everyday life is a rich blessing in itself.

A hot bath, a cup of tea and a good paperback… no other thrills required.

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