Me right now

Making | a little scraptherapy page about gratitude for our manse.

When this advert for a local property company came through the door, I decided to update their glamourous cover shot with a cute picture of Mittens.

Cheeky Ragdolls on unmade beds: that’s how you sell houses…

Thrifting | my new-to-me New Look skirt.

One of my friends commented the other day, “You do like your spots and stripes, don’t you?”

Matching your cushions is always a good idea, I think.

Splurging | on this incredibly beautiful book.

I’m only a few pages in, but I’m already in love with it’s message, design and author heart… just stunning.

Loving | the beautiful roses one of my faithscrapper friends bought me on Monday: I am so very lucky to have these ladies in my life!

I’ve also been very grateful for scrappy internet friends recently too… you gals are just fab.

Designing | a new cover for February’s scraptherapy book.

I’d like to at least aim at tidying things up this month – you never know! – so decided to ditch my cardboard cover for a slicker page protector one… I love the result and may do this each time!

Working | on editing the video for March’s layout process.

I’m really excited to share this one, as it’s the first layout I’ve made in an age and I so love the result.

As much as I struggle with some forms of social media, I do feel that we’re very lucky lasses to get to share our creations so freely online as we do.

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  1. Tina Dudelson

    Oh my, just love that yellow paper-so happy and cheerful (yellow is my fave color)!! Also, love the idea of using a page protector for a cover. I have tons left over from a prior years December Daily that I’ll have to incorporate into my book.

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