You’re like, really pretty

Well, this is the first post in a long time that I’ve tagged ‘scrapbooking’, but there it is: I’m making a full-size layout, using all my own products!

I’m working ahead with my kits and had the sudden urge to see how my products fared on a 12 by 12…

I’m filming my March kit video and loving playing with all the sweetie colours!

I’ve been pleasantly surprised to find that my cut-aparts work as beautifully on a page as they do in little books…

That said, working this big takes a whole lot more product, so it may not be sustainable other than for the odd one-off!

10 thoughts on “You’re like, really pretty

  1. Very pretty layout! I decided to change everything up this year. (regarding my paper crafting) I brought an old 8.5 x 11 scrapbook album home from storage, instead of the 12 x 12 I’ve been doing. It’s a big enough canvas to feel like I’m doing something different and I bet this one album will last all year because I only get a wild hair to do a “real” layout once in a while. (like when you post one!) LOL


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  2. Ah, thanks lovely Tina!

    Yes, 8.5 x 11 can be a great choice… I went through a phase of working exclusively in that size and really enjoyed it 🙂

    I loved making this page, but it did make me realise how much thriftier my books are… I used about a week’s worth of product on this one page, lol xx


  3. Lovely layout! I particularly like your rain cloud paper – that’s gorgeous. I have a friend who’s bouncing back from a terrible time, most days she shines bright like a superstar, but occasionally has what we refer to as her ‘sad cloud days’. On those days she sends me a rain cloud picture and we meet up and talk it all through. I noticed this paper is on your Etsy store so I’ve given myself a note to purchase and download some – that way I can make her a little something to keep the sad clouds on paper rather than in her head x

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  4. Oh Danielle, that’s beautiful, what a lovely friend you are. I love the idea of sending a rain cloud picture as a signal to you.

    I heard a similar-ish idea today on a podcast and that’s in a relationship – you each have a little duck. You position the ducks facing each other, then when you have an issue with your partner, you signal to them that you’re not doing well by turning the duck away… I kind of liked that! (only you’d forever be checking the duck’s positions, eh?) 😉

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