Me right now

Making | a little cheerleading page: I’m keeping my head above water and sharing how I’m doing… both big wins for me!

Enjoying | my morning walks: I still pinch myself that I get to be part of all this wildness every day

Grateful for | my Faithscrappers group: we’re growing in number and each new lady seems to slot right in as if she’s been hand-picked for the group (hmm, maybe she has!)

Listening to | the Introvert, Dear podcast – a new one on me, but I am lapping up every single episode and having so many ‘aha!’ moments it’s untrue

Proud | that I’m pretty much sticking to my weekly timetable: it means I’m getting a good balance of fresh air, kit design, sociability, housework and me-time

Delighted | that I can print my own papers… why on earth didn’t I think of this before? (And what else can I design in black and white? Lol)

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