Workspace tour

I love how we scrap girls inspire each other!

I was watching RetroHipMama do a tour of her gorgeous craft space last night and it so inspired me! Between her and clips of Marie Kondo (oh, to have Netflix!) I was inspired to give my little corner a little tidy up.

I’m still down here at the end of the kitchen.

I find I create more frequently if I’m not taking myself off to another room… it helps me feel less guilty (we all do, don’t we?) about making time for myself if I’m still a little bit available for chats.

I also like being in this room as it’s so bright.

I don’t know if I suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, but I have my lightbox there to pop on whenever I’m working. Just so I know that when I get low – and I do fairly frequently – that it’s not due to lack of light.

I have to keep re-painting my desk as I’m a terror for getting coffee rings on it that don’t wipe off!

I’m not sure why, but that striped coaster doesn’t seem to stay there for long and when I’m in the mood to create, coffee rings are the last thing on my mind.

My little tray is full of February’s kit at the moment.

I’m not sure what to supplement it with though… last month, I tore through Let’s Go as well as Crafty Girl.

I think I may need to design a page filled just with pretty pattered tags that I can use to boost each mini kit. Or print doubles of a couple of the papers…

Here’s where all my supplies and tools live.

That washi ring idea was just a genius move, if I do say so myself.

I won’t mention that I only ended up with that giant ring because I ordered completely the wrong size on eBay

On my wall are inspiring, pretty things.

Will you think I’m completely bonkers when I admit that I don’t want to use either the Felicity Jane items or the Heidi Swapp puffy stickers and intend to just keep them in their packets as decorations?

Well, they’re just so pretty and make me happy each time I look at them!

I forget where I got this pretty basket… possibly Hema? It’s very yummy, isn’t it?

And finally – my favourite layout ever is framed on the wall next to my desk.

I just like this one so much: I was happy making it and feel happy now when I look at it.

And I honestly can’t say that about all my layouts, as a lot of them were trying-very-hard ‘look at me now!’ projects where I wasn’t in such a healthy mental space.

But hey, you live and learn: it’s all about giving ourselves grace and finding our own paths.

6 thoughts on “Workspace tour

  1. Ok, lots on my mind after seeing your pretty space. I hope it’s ok to share a bunch…

    Your pretty, white desk! I have a dark, cherry desk. It’s huge and it’s still in storage. (our house addition should be complete this fall and it includes the new craftroom. For now I’m using a tiny desk in a big dormer area in our bedroom) I’ve talked my husband into painting my giant desk before we move in. I’d like white, but with destressed edges. I think it’s going to look beautiful!) But after your comment about coffee rings, I may order a plexiglass or tempered glass top to put over it…

    I can’t wait to have time to cut out the February kit! And I vote yes for more patterned paper!

    As for not using your pretty embellishments, take a picture of them and put that on your board and use them!!! Have your cake and eat it too!

    *That framed layout makes me happy too!


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  2. Oh wow… I had not thought of the photo idea… genius!! Lol.

    I think distressed desk sounds perfect… and the beauty is, you can always re-paint here and there and re-distress as you need to.

    I think crafters desks always get a bit battered and splattered anyway… but it’s easy enough to just grab a tin of paint and pop a few strokes over the messy bit now and then 😉 xx


  3. I love your cozy bright nook where you can work with family around! It just looks so bright and cheerful! I love to scrapbook at my dinning room table so that I can still chat with my son even though I have a craft room. I just pull out what I need. So glad to have found your blog, I am very inspired. ❤

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  4. Oh, what a lovely comment! You have put a smile on my face, thank you!

    Yes, I’m enjoying being near the family at the moment. I go through phases of wishing I could hide (!) but I’ve given my daughter what was my craft room, so I think I’m downstairs for good now, lol xxx


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