Processing a wobble

Minor meltdown? Don’t worry: scraptherapy has you covered!

Here are my tips for working through a bleak spot…

Take two pages: on the left hand page, create something art-journally that reflects what happened and how you felt in the moment.

Forget about artistry and outcome, and really focus on expressing your feelings through the physical process.

The right hand page is for reflecting and processing what happened and what you can learn from it.

I chose to make this page lighter and more hopeful looking, adding tulle to express the ideas of tenderness and self-compassion.

Maybe pick a photo that represents what happened, without being too literal.

A one-word title is helpful too – it doesn’t give too much away to the casual viewer of your book, but is still meaningful to you.

Black paint and splatters can be useful ways of representing bottled up feelings that need expression: just the act of wildly flicking your brush onto the page and not caring about the result can be very liberating!

I decided to pop a Bible verse on top that contradicted my main feeling in the moment and reminded me that I’m never alone.

The embellishing is very minimal, but still looks pretty – one of the things that I’m really enjoying about these simple floral clusters.

The next step – once all the emotion has been splattered onto the left hand page! – is to journal on the right hand page.

Write what happened and how you felt. Try to work out what motivated or lead up to the melt-down and why you reacted like you did.

Then give yourself some grace by thinking about what you did right and why some of your reactions might have been natural.

Then note down how you would handle things differently in the future and what steps you will take, both to prevent this outcome again, and self-care steps for soul-recovery.

I like to end the creation of a spread like this with some stamping.

That positive action of stamping a phrase or the date can feel so final and is a nice way to feel,

“Right: I’ve dealt with this: let’s move on.”

4 thoughts on “Processing a wobble

  1. Ali Moore

    That’s helpful. I tend to want to hide away when life’s rough. Maybe tackling the emotions in this manner will expedite the peace process. Thank you Suse.

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  2. I know exactly what you mean, Ali – I’m the same way… I guess we’re like cats: ours always tuck themselves into the smallest spots when they’re feeling poorly xxx


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