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Sometimes I want to capture a feeling more than a story with my pages.

With this one, I wanted to recreate that ‘just out of the oven’-homely smell: the happy shabbiness of everyday life with all it’s imperfections.


I’m not actually one for taking photos of our everyday lives very often – I prefer to be in the moment.

But every now and then, something very ‘photograph-able’ will happen that has me rushing for the camera and willing my family to,

“Hold it, right there!”


I wasn’t feeling very bright this day, so used my scrap time to look for the positives and be grateful for the everyday good things around me.

It’s like the saying goes,

“You think you need new shoes, until you see the man with only one foot.” 

At least, I think it goes like that!


My starting point for this page was a whole sheet of my ditsy blue floral. I like it’s cottage-prettiness… in fact, a description in my current novel summed up what I was going for:

“The room was plain and bare, but Rosie rather liked it. It had a plain whitewashed wooden floor covered in thick patterned rugs, with two walls a pale blue and the other two papered in a tiny blue flower print. Her large antique sleigh bed had white wooden cabinets on either side, both with candlesticks and white candles and a baggy pink armchair sat in the corner of the room.”

At the back of the cluster, is a sequin pocket, but it only just shows.

I like to pop positive reminders on tags when I’m not firing on all cylinders: the biggest gift to my mind, is that we always get another go tomorrow!

I’ve layered up all sorts of things behind my photo, including a ‘linen-style’ paper napkin I slipped in my bag at a restaurant. I don’t think a used napkin counts as stealing, though Kitty wasn’t convinced.

I like the how all the colours work together: to me, the page has the feel of an old patchwork quilt.

There’s something about a pretty-but-scruffy result that makes me really happy.

I have a hunch that life feels a little more manageable generally when you accept that it’s not going to be perfect and there will always be curve-balls and imperfections.

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