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I treated myself to these cute (teething!) beads from eBay for an upcoming ‘dressy’ occasion… I don’t love getting dressed up, but these still felt me.

This week it was the fella’s 45th birthday.

I love the card that Kitty chose for him: he’s ever in denial that he’s going grey, so it was perfect.

I spotted this yellow baby box at the recycling centre.

It’s perfect for storing all of Kitty’s ‘no longer play with, but don’t you dare get rid of’-toys.

And I am a little bit in love with Rev. Fish’s new Moleskine journal… that colour!

There was definitely more talking than scrapping going on at Monday’s faithscrappers, but that’s okay.

I was going for a Shanna Noel with my handwritten journalling… I’m not sure I pulled it off!

In a shock turn of events, the Sylvannian’s were turfed out of their rental house by their landlord.

Luckily Barbie was happy to let her pad be turned into an episode of Obsessive Compulsive Hoarders to help them out.

Also camping out, is Little Fish, who has been bedding down for a week now on her playroom floor.

And ever obsessed with anything appearing in a new position, were the fur twins… those girls know how to relax!

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  1. Aren’t kids funny? Our daughter (now 31) camped out in our room for about a week one year that was particularly stormy. Then the dog wanted to move in, too… That’s when we figured out that they could keep each other company in our daughter’s room… and we could go back to sleeping without worrying who we might step on during a midnight potty run, lol 😁

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  2. Oh, how funny! Yes, I used to love sleeping on the floor as a kid too – I think there’s something comforting about being close to the ground… (bit of a hippy!)

    Yes, often Kitty can’t get in bed because there are cats all over it – and they always manage to give off the impression of looking so comfortable and so asleep… 😉

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  3. So, I attended Story Camp with Ali Edwards last October. I packed some really dressy clothes and I wore them the first day but it made my anxiety even worse. I didn’t feel like me. I never dress up. I don’t enjoy it. It felt like a lie. Thankfully I had also packed “me” clothing to wear on the flights and I always pack extra and as soon as I changed into that, it was a completely new experience! I told my friend, who attended with me, “Wow, I feel like myself now!” It was eye-opening!

    And… Barbie’s little square looks like any room totally inhabited by my husband. LOL


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  4. Oh, that is such an interesting comment, Tina! I so relate to feeling more you in clothes that are genuinely you.

    When I was picking out my wedding dress, I was trying on all these wonderfully huge skirted dresses as that’s what I wanted in my head. But I soon realised that I couldn’t move comfortably in them and certainly wouldn’t have been able to hug anyone easily!

    In the end, I went for a simple princess skirted dress that felt much more me!

    ps Need to hear more about Story Camp! xxx

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  5. Story Camp was SO MUCH FUN! Ali was sweet, as usual. Eugene, Oregon on the US North West coast was beautiful, at the peak of Autumn. The projects were incredibly inspiring, Ali was very informative and down-to-earth too. The venue was gorgeous with shopping and restaurants within easy walking distance. Once-in-a-lifetime!


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  6. A little nervous to fly for the first time in years, but not nervous about the event. I’d met Ali before and I’ve been following her from the beginning. I was very excited to be learning from her again, in person and to make projects that she designed! She really is as nice as everyone suspects!


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  7. I can totally see that Ali is thoroughly lovely… it must have been wonderful to meet her! I think I’d be more than a little in awe and get tongue-tied and stupid like when you meet a famous person. 😉

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