Scrapping tougher days

I thought I’d bob in to share a little scraptherapy tip for handling those not-so-good days.

This page was from a few days ago, and it struck me that the therapeutic element of these sorts of pages isn’t just limited to the making part of the process.

Obviously, cutting and sticking things is hugely stress-relieving for me in itself.

In fact, it’s become such a habit now, that I start to unwind almost as soon as I sit down and start putting a page together.

I’ve deliberately included less than jolly phrases in my mini kits, because life isn’t always sunshine and rainbows: sometimes the road gets a little rocky!

And like any form of journal, these scraptherapy books work best when we’re as honest as we can be.

My top tip for starting to turn around a rough day is in the journalling.

Even in the space of a little tag, I can write down a couple of words about how I’m feeling, but then I try to either look for the positives or remind myself of something true:

“Yes, you’re feeling ‘x’; but look at all the things you’re doing well. Yes, you’re struggling with ‘y’, but look at all you’ve had on your plate recently: no wonder you’re tired.”

It all comes down to giving ourselves grace… after all, even my favourite pop princess Britney has her bad days – and years!

4 thoughts on “Scrapping tougher days

  1. I’ve never really scrapped the tough stuff. I think focusing on the positives and what’s going right is the key. In the past, when I’ve tried to scrap tough things, I just find myself wallowing in negativity. But I love the idea of using my little scraptherapy book as a cathartic exercise. I’m going to give it another go,

    OH, ALSO! I wanted to share one of my introvert tricks when you’re in an unavoidable situation where you’re in a crowd of people. I’ve started pretending to be the “official even photographer”. It gives me something “important” to do while everyone mingles. Just an idea that’s worked for me.


    P.S. I still love Britney!

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  2. Tina, we have so much in common! 🙂 We went bowling once and I sucked as usual, then they started playing Britney songs and I swear, I got really good! Strikes all over the place, lol.

    I love your introvert trick! I love helping to photograph friends’ weddings for the exact same reason 🙂

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  3. Interesting. I’ve been using similar coping mechanisms for years (“Oh, there’s a problem with X? I’ve got it. You go enjoy yourself…”). My jobs have always involved meeting people and putting them at ease or facilitating their success at some thing. Although this is done graciously, people have no small clue what it takes out of me 🤪

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  4. Oh gosh, yes. I’ve still not really worked out how to let others know what some ‘normal’ things cost me in terms of energy, but I am starting to be more upfront.

    I do find it helpful though to parent myself well. My mum was always very good at saying, “Well, of course you’re feeling low – you’re working so hard, you’ve been out each night this week, you’ve cut out caffeine…” or whatever. These days, I try to cheer myself on 🙂

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