Beauty stuff that works

I’ll preface this post by saying that I am resolutely low-maintenance: this is the girl who has never once had a manicure or massage and gets her hair cut by her hubby!

So although I’m not that bothered about beauty stuff, I do like finding products that work.

Here’s what’s working for me…

I seem to have sensitive skin that doesn’t like most moisturisers.

Over the years, I’ve tried cheapo chemist brands and splashed out on nice ones, but I’ve always had that horrible tight, tingly feeling: ugh.

This cream however, is heavenly.

Now I’m not going to say that I’m something of a Sweaty Betty, but…

Let’s just say, this is the first deodorant I’ve found that works for me and it would take a lot of arm twisting to make me switch to another brand.

It’s funny: this hair dye isn’t the UK’s number one and it can only be found at cheapo chemists, but it does what it says on the box and the colour really sticks.

Like, forever.

I’ll be honest, my hair’s a bit of a wreck: I bleach it myself and use heat way too much. So no shampoo is going to work miracles!

But this one gets my hair clean, keeps it clean for a good few days and doesn’t build up.

The smell’s nice too.

When it comes to exercise, nothing I’ve tried has ever stuck: Pilates, Zumba, jogging… I just don’t love any of them enough.

The one thing that has stuck for me is walking.

And I think if you do it regularly enough, walking can keep you about as fit as anyone really needs to be.

I’ve recently dropped a dress size with this final tip and that’s snacking on cheese. Yep: full-fat, big ol’ chunks of cheese!

Sounds weird, but it really fills you up in between meals. I keep a Babybel or two in my bag at all times.

How about you? What are your simple go-to products and beauty tips?

6 thoughts on “Beauty stuff that works

  1. I love the shampoo and as a fellow diy hair bleacher and general all round hair batterer I have to say it’s my go to product! Their 3 Minute Miracle Colour Conditioner is also a permanent fixture and sweat by product for my hair!!! Xx

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  2. Walking has been the best for me too. Winters here are dicey for footing and we don’t have room for equipment, so I use a DVD and walk indoors with a recorded trainer. Can’t wait for better weather to get outside again 😊

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