Mini haul-ette

Ooh, you guys! Treats have arrived chez-Fish.

I had some pennies gifted to me at Christmas and the pink jacket I planned to splurge on was not the yummy pink the website’s photo promised.

I then picked out a gorgeous dalmation spot fur from H&M. And while it looked gorgeous, it didn’t fit.

Stupid long arms!

Anyway: long story short, I abandoned my plan to double the budget and shop at a fashion retailers, in favour of a place where dreams never fail to come true… Hey Little Magpie!

I’ve chosen the Heidi puffy stickers I’ve had my eye on *forever* (okay, since they came out last month)…

… as well as some ‘can’t go wrong’ white puffy letter stickers from Elle’s Studio.

I thought this black and white washi set from One Canoe Two would be awesome for scraptherapy too, especially the checkbox one.

I may also have slipped in these pens.

Need them? Nope. Want them? You bet!

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