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A lovely friend bought us a personalised Christmas art print; I lightly tacked a few photos over the top of the glass to make it a year round treat.

It’s been chilly of late, but I’ve wrapped up and forced myself out for an hour each morning.

It’s one of those things where you only notice the benefits when you stop, so I try not to let my rebellious side talk me out of it.

One of my lovely faithscrapper friends bought me these as a thank you for hosting each week – aren’t they beautiful?

Our wedding flowers were yellow, so the colour choice was spot-on.

I picked up a couple of cute Next dresses at the thrift store… they’re missing their belts, but I still love them.

One of the perks of sorting donations is spotting the cute bits first!

We went for Sunday lunch with some friends and their eldest daughter – bless her! – took our drinks orders.

Her writing was so pretty that I grabbed the sheet for my little scraptherapy book: it’s a nice reminder of a lovely meal.

I’ve been trying to photograph a seagull since we moved here: it’s harder than it sounds!

Just about caught one in flight this morning: I love how it’s flying towards the wave that is building up power in front of it.

You go, gull! (sorry, that was terrible).

I’ve just started this paperback.

Our shop sells books for 20p each, so I buy them then take them back to support the charity and avoid library fines.

I absolutely devoured the Marian Keyes novel I was reading – so, so good! – so suspect that this one might be a lighter read.

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