Extraverting for introverts

When I’m feeling low, I turn to food. Or eBay. Before going cold-turkey, I turned to social media… and wine.

What genuinely helps me feel brighter though, is being around other people.

But being an introvert, I don’t often feel like being around other people… especially when I’m feeling down.

Here are my tips for how I get that much-needed in the flesh companionship, without doing my introverted little head in…

My favourite way to socialise by far, is scrapping with friends at my kitchen table, which I do once a week, for an hour and a half.

What works about that for me is being able to talk on a meaningful level, but not having to make eye contact the whole time.

Plus, scrapbooking is something that I find inherently relaxing.

Going for walks works for me too.

Perhaps it’s the eye contact thing again, or maybe it’s that if you pick a round route, there’s a definite end point to the socialising time (knowing when I can be on my own again helps me enjoy socialising far more!)

Church is a fabulous way to socialise in a structured setting.

Even having one of our old chaps wish me a good morning as I go in, can be enough to really brighten my day.

Church Bible study groups can be lovely low-effort ways to mix too. You don’t need to say much to feel the benefits of being part of things.

Arranging to meet a friend in a coffee shop can be a good idea for me, as I get to decide when to leave!

I make sure I can see my watch, then after an hour or so of catching up – or when I feel my energy levels flagging – I just say, “Must get back – see you again soon!” and scurry off home.

Another good idea for me, is to have a couple of dedicated days when I’m free to have a friend round for a simple lunch.

It means I can get on with my jobs in the morning and afternoon, but still have that precious time of sharing that feeds my soul.

How about you? Any low-anxiety extraverting tips to share? I’d be so keen to hear!

2 thoughts on “Extraverting for introverts

  1. I’m 51 years old and I’m just now figuring this out. I’m an introvert. I get anxious in large crowds. I have to escape or take a break. I’m very happy with small groups of 3 or 4, or one friend at a time. I’m a homebody. All these years I just thought I was weird. (might still be weird…) LOL
    So I don’t have any advice, but I cherish yours. Thanks for sharing.


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