My butterfly

I think if I ever got up the courage to teach a class – never say never, guys! – this layered butterfly page would be the one I would teach.

There’s something very lovely about making paper butterflies… in fact, I need to design some for an upcoming mini-kit, for sure!

I tore my photo in half for this one, intending to throw away the non-Kitty part, but instead decided to pop it on my left hand page.

I’m pleased with how different the two pages are and yet how nicely they sit together.

I do love a little pop of black and white on almost all of my pages… they just add a crisp freshness that is so appealing to me.

Each month, I vow that this will be the month that I keep things tidy and I will end up with a nice clean Traveller’s Notebook style result.

It never, ever happens: I may need to just embrace the scruffy chunkiness!

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