Stages of kit design

I’m so enjoying popping together my little Etsy kits each month! It’s a creative challenge for me; I can make exactly what Kitty and I fancy playing with and it’s super, super cheap.

Here’s how my little kits come together…

I start by scribbling ideas in my little notebook. I enjoy this part, because I can design whatever I fancy: it’s incredibly fun.

I take quick photos of my sketches, then work over them in Procreate, which is a programme with a pen that lets you trace over your designs and colour them in digitally.

I then copy the images across to our big family computer (whenever sermons aren’t being typed up on it!) and pop my images onto journalling cards, papers and tags.

This takes a few hours, but I get a real kick out of making each choice.

When each document is complete, I copy them onto a memory stick and take them down to our local printers in town.

I love bringing the sheets of designs home for the first time – it’s such a thrill to see your ideas translated into actual glossy pieces, ready to use!

The next stage is snipping each item out, which is time consuming but quite relaxing.

I pop each piece into a little divided ceramic tray, so they’re ready to rifle through when I want to get started on my first page.

The papers don’t need much preparation, but I do trim off the white edges so that they’re ready to snip into.

At about this point, I’ll order any bits from eBay that I think will co-ordinate well with the mini kit: enamel dots, puffy stickers or pretty ribbons.

I’ll prepare the month’s scraptherapy book at this point too. It’s a fun process of throwing together all sorts of squirrelled bits and securing them with binder rings.

I add loads more pages as I go, but this provides a good basic starting point.

I enjoying working ahead on my kits, so keep a chart to remind me of all the stages and where I’m up to on each month’s kit.

Each month, I stage a photo for the month’s youtube video opening that features that month’s products: for February, everything is looking very ‘pretty in pink!’

I decided to film two videos per month: a process video featuring the upcoming month’s kit and a flip-thru of the past month’s finished book.

With all the work involved in youtube content creation, that feels just the right amount for me right now.

As a naturally shy person, I don’t find the opening chatty bits of my videos at all easy, but I do think they make the video more interesting and I think it’s good to show my face.

In this month’s video, I make the very blonde comment that, “Here in the Isle of Man, it’s currently January.” Oh dear.

But then comes my favourite part of all: the making! As much as I enjoy the design side of things, it’s the actual ‘playing with the paper’ part that brings me most alive.

I feel like I make the same page each time, but the process is so joyful for me that I really don’t mind!

8 thoughts on “Stages of kit design

  1. Oh what fun to see how you create! Besides, you needed to verbally note when you recorded the video 😉. Here in Ohio USA it’s January, too… with a vengeance! Had 5 inches of snow yesterday of the slushy, slicky kind.

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  2. Susan Brochu

    You seem very calm and natural in front of the camera to me! And how wonderful to get a little peek at your process – it seems like it brings you joy!

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  3. Oh, that’s kind Susan, thank you! No, I’m a bundle of nerves doing anything in front of anyone – even a camera, which is a bit daft.

    The processes do bring me so much joy… I think since I started scrapbooking, I’ve not missed a day of making even a little something. It really is my sweet spot and I’m so thankful that I discovered it! xx


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