Choosing photos

When I made layouts, I tended to work exclusively with photos of my family; the pages would tell the story of an occasion, so I’d look for shots that captured the moment.

But the photos I choose to print for my scraptherapy books are very different, because the books serve an entirely different purpose for me.

Here are the sort of snaps I most often choose…

Because one on my top priorities with my scraptherapy books is to create something that makes me happy, I often print photos of things in my favourite colours.

My little books are unashamedly about me: they’re like a visual diary of how I’m doing, so I want my images to reflect things that make me-me.

Like which books I enjoy…

… and the food I eat.

For example, one day I might use the popcorn pic to make a page about how proud I am of myself for making healthy food choices.

Or I might use the same photo to illustrate some journalling about how introverted ‘ol me was brave enough to go on a cinema trip with some new friends.

It’s not really about the picture, per se.

I always make sure I print a good handful of selfies, because I know that they’ll go with almost any personal journalling I want to write.

I make sure I snap a selfie pretty much anytime I catch myself in a bright room with freshly washed hair!

Having nice photos of yourself can be so helpful to bolstering self-esteem, I find – especially as I get more crinkly!

Another thing I love to include in my books – and this is a little meta! – is snaps of my scrapbooking.

I also love shots of my desk.

I think when you have a hobby that fills you with this much joy, it’s lovely to flip through books full of photos related to it.

In a lot of ways, my scraptherapy books end up feeling like a ‘hold-in-your-hand’ version of my Instagram feed of old!

I like to take photos of cute things that we’re buying…

… and general shots of pretty things around the house.

I appreciate the sense of gratitude they instil in me and the reminder that I already have more than enough nice things – useful when I’m tempted to buy cute things that I really don’t need!

Whatever the photo is of, I always make sure that there’s shed-loads of white in each pic – often more white than colour! I just love that bright, ‘colour-pop’ aesthetic.

I lighten and brighten the photos in editing software, before sending them for printing via the freeprints app: you get 45 free prints a month and just pay postage – ideal for us snap-obsessed scrappers on a budget!

4 thoughts on “Choosing photos

  1. Marinette Lesne

    I always love seeing your scrapbook pages or PL with different shots of your life ( your daughter, your environment, your desk, your scrapbooking things. I think you’re the only one who does that and so it’s really ingenious. That’s why too I love coming here to see your daily things. Never boring, always inspiring. Xo. Marinette

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  2. Susan Brochu

    I agree with you – it’s not about the photo. Sometimes it’s just there to look pretty (haha) while the real work is done in the journaling.

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  3. Yes! I often think the secret to a ‘wow’ project is nice pics. If I see a layout that grabs me, it’s very often because the photo is just as strong as the artistic work 🙂


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