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See, I’m crafty: not technically on Instagram, but still sharing the ol’ snaps like there’s no tomorrow. Ha!

So Kitty has new slippers – they’re pink and fluffy.

It’s okay: I don’t want them with every. single. fibre. of my being.

She also has her first ‘texts & calls only’ phone: big milestone!

I wasn’t sure at what point it would feel right to get her a phone, but she reached a socialising stage where it suddenly made sense.

The age at which I’ll agree to her getting a smart phone though, is anyone’s guess… 35 maybe? Gah.

My January stash is looking a little feeble in the face of some serious new year scraptherapy.

I’d had the optimistic idea that each month’s kit would last me the entire month, making my monthly budget a very sweet £5, all-in.

Only trouble is, we’re ten days into the month, I’ve been working with two kits and there’s not very much left of either… I may need to look into minimalistic scrapbooking!

And the prize for the ‘Song that I Can’t Get out of my Head’ this week, is… ‘Anywhere’ by Rita Ora.

I keep hearing it in shops – it has such a sweet little chorus! (man, I sound old)

I am *so* into my kit designs this week! I think because I took a break for the Christmas holidays, I now can’t get enough.

Trouble is, time really does fly when you’re having fun… feels like I blink, then it’s time to get on with the ironing (dulls-ville).

Always mind-blowingly creative, the Rev. likes to find spirituality in everyday things, then record his thoughts in little German-made notebooks.

I especially liked his drawing of Princess Poppy from Trolls: 

“No Troll left behind!”

And keeping cosy – while pretending she’s a jungle cat apparently – is Mitzi, who, though a little late to the ‘cats like radiators’ party, is finally getting the right idea.

With these Manx winters, I wouldn’t mind stretching out on one myself…

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