Bus rides and blue bags

So last night, I stayed up until 11pm ‘researching’ overnight bags on ebay.

My timetable says I’m in bed at 9.45pm so that I can read a bit before nodding off; this surfing session was very much ‘off-plan’, but I didn’t seem able to stop.

I saved about 20 cute-but-definitely-out-of-budget overnight bags to my watch list, then dragged myself off to bed.

So it was with slightly bleary eyes that I settled down with my Bible this morning and started to read from Philippians chapter 3:

“… all the things I once thought were so important are gone from my life. Compared to the high privilege of knowing Christ Jesus as my Master, firsthand, everything I once thought I had going for me is insignificant…

I gave up all that inferior stuff so that I could know Christ personally…

So let’s keep focussed on that goal, those of us who want everything that God has for us. If any of you have something else in mind, something less than total commitment, God will clear your blurred vision. Now that we’re on the right track, let’s stay on it.”

I put down my spoon, went into the Rev’s study and opened up ebay: I was done with the shopping thing; I lived free!

I deleted every fancy little bag on the list and immediately felt a lot better for being obedient to the Heavenly shoulder-tap I suspected I’d sensed.

Wednesday is my fun day out. Lucky duck that I am, I treat myself to a weekly bus ride across this stunning green isle to The Big Shops.

You can probably count the number of genuinely big shops on our island on one hand, but I’ve got so used to small town living now, that my weekly soy latte feels like an incredibly glamorous city-girl treat.

I bought a few crafty bits from the pound shop to supplement my kits, then took myself on my usual trawl around the thrift stores: just in case any bargains happened to have my name on them.

I have yet to stumble across a donated Heidi Swapp Memory Planner in it’s original packaging, but you just never know, right?

But there, in the first thrift store I went in, was a darling little overnight bag – complete with a zipped section for toiletries and a little fold-down mirror – in my very favourite colour ever: Suse-blue.

I may have looked like a tourist on the bus ride home, but I was definitely a smiling one!

12 thoughts on “Bus rides and blue bags

  1. Isn’t it? I was so happy. It was marked £4, then when I took it to the till, the guy said they were having a half-price sale… he wasn’t too happy when I told him how much they were fetching on ebay! 😉 xx

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  2. Aw, thanks doodle! Yes, I do love my little ‘mooches’ around town.

    What’s odd here – but rather nice too – is that the island is so dinky, that you can get from one end to the other in about half an hour. So there are plenty of cute little towns to go out for coffee, in pretty much whichever direction you set off in! 😉

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  3. I have a dear friend who lives in the Cotswolds (is that spelled right?) anyway, I’m always shocked that if you drive a few hours from her house, you’re in another country. We live in Estes Park, Colorado. I could drive all day and still be in Colorado… Just weird to think about…

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  4. Colorado! Wow, how lucky… lucky friend in the Cotswolds too – what a gorgeous spot! xxx ps I can’t hear the word ‘Colorado’ without hearing it in David Schwimmer’s voice when he asks Tag where he’s from (he’s doing a ‘list all the States’ quiz ;))

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