Fab podcast episodes

One of my great joys in life these days is listening to podcasts: while I’m out walking, while I’m cleaning, while I’m scrapbooking and while I’m working.

Here are a few of my favourite podcast episodes, on all the topics that float my boat…

Self care:

For The Love with Jen Hatmaker Podcast

Undoing the shame of our body image struggles: Hillary McBride.

Managing technology

Digital Mindfulness

Episode 97: How to Break up with your Phone with Catherine Price

The simple home

That Sounds Fun with Annie F. Downs

Episode 116: Myquillyn Smith (The Nester)

Handling tough times

The RobCast

Episode 18: “It Comes in Waves”

Creative inspiration

Crafty Ass Female

Episode 43: Crafting a Life you Love with Amy Tangerine

Personality types

Sorta Awesome

Episode 12: Oh, The Enneagram? It’s Awesome! with Leigh Kramer

4 thoughts on “Fab podcast episodes

  1. Ooh, thanks so much Lindsay! That sounds right up my street and I’m always pleased to find new favourites.

    I wish I’d found ‘The Introvert, Dear’ podcast sooner, for sure! xxx


  2. Lindsay Kelly

    You should check out “The Feel Good Effect” by Robyn Conely Downs. I’ve listened to about half her episodes so far and have enjoyed them all – especially the ones with Ali Edwards guest speaking :). I’m definitely jotting down your recommendations!

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  3. Gosh yes, isn’t it? I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve listened to it now, because each time I hit a bleak patch, I find it so reassuring to remember, “This will pass: you’re in a spin cycle… just keep still and don’t panic.” xx

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