The joy of routine

A few years ago I worked as a teaching assistant and dinner lady at a Junior School.

I don’t think I was too bad at the teaching assistant bit, but I was apparently the worst dinner lady they’d ever seen:

“Want to leave all your veg, love? Bah, go out and play! Life’s too short to bother with eating up your broccoli!”

While I may never have got the hang of badgering kids to eat their greens, I did learn a very useful lesson during my time at the school and that’s this: I thrive when I work to a timetable.

When I have a couple of hours blocked out each week to work on my kit designs, that work happens and I love the thrill of putting on a cute ‘work’ outfit and brewing a filter coffee to take over to my desk.

Okay, so my only workmates have tuna breath and enjoy flicking embellishments off my desk with their paws, but still: in my head, I’m the twenty-something me striding around in the publishing world.

When it’s on my plan, a little bit of housework gets done each day and the result is that things stay pretty much organised and more or less clean.

I find I can handle socialising when any gatherings are planned for and part of the schedule of an otherwise quiet day.

And when my morning ‘mental health’ walk is there on the chart, it feels a lot harder to skip.

That hour stops feeling like a time-wasting indulgence, and becomes something that just happens.

And each walk leaves me feeling better in almost every way: more connected to my little town, more grateful for the day and breathing just a little more deeply.

Perhaps it’s just my ‘good girl’ mentality, but I’m noticing that deciding how I want my week to look – then making sure that each thing happens – is bringing me so much joy.

Just don’t turn up unannounced when the chart has me down for baking: I will get you doing the washing up!

How about you? Do you thrive on routine or does a more go-with-the-flow approach suit you better? Be sure to let me know!

6 thoughts on “The joy of routine

  1. Ginny Callahan

    I’m definitely a routine girl. I thrive on routine & lists. If I didn’t plan it would be dinnertime & I’d w have not gotten anything accomplished for the day.

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  2. Routines leave space for spontaneity without regret. I can go-with-the-flow once the game plan is established 😃. Enjoyed your thoughts. I work most days alone at home after years in an office environment. My planner keeps me on target and productive.

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  3. Susan Brochu

    I’m a routine and list girl all the way! I picked up the Get To Work Book last year on sale and now take great delight in setting up my weekly tasks. And I take even more delight in crossing them off! I definitely think it’s made me more efficient – instead of being overwhelmed with all the “to do’s”, I can spread them out over the week and they seem more manageable. I also schedule in my walks, though my view isn’t quite as scenic as yours most days.

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  4. Lol! Yes, my walks have taken a turn for the picturesque since moving here! In fact, when we move on to Manchester or London or wherever, I’ll have to make sure I still push myself to get out. 😉

    I’ve heard so many good things about the Get To Work Book! Won’t investigate too closely tough, or I’ll probably find myself suddenly desperately needing one 😉


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