Why I miss social media

I’d go back to Instagram to check the date I last posted there, only our computer won’t let me. A wiser, more annoying me suggested blocking that site a long time ago and the current, less earnest me hasn’t yet worked out how to get round the software.

But I do know that I’ve been ‘social media sober’ for quite some time now.

Here’s why that stinks…

One: staying away from social media requires constant willpower, especially facebook scrapbooking groups – Gals, I miss you all so much! – and Instagram.

It’s like deciding to quit sugar: after sticking with it for a few weeks, you know you’ve come too far to break your resolve, but boy, do you still fancy snarfing down a load of those sweeties.

Two: I miss putting on cute dresses and switching the camera to auto.

I miss posting bleached-bright decor photos and hearing that yep, other people dig the milkshake vibe too.

However essential for your mental health, it still sucks to have found your tribe – you collected erasers and spent your pocket money on Care Bear notebooks too? – only to walk away from them.

Three: I’ll admit it: I miss all the likes on my work! I know, they didn’t mean much more than kindnesses, but it was still a boost.

That said, turning all the opinions off has been a total gift when it’s come to designing my own stuff. What anyone really thinks? Not a single clue.

Only opinion then that matters? Mine.

Four: I miss posing Babs in her various scraproom scenarios.

I think she misses it too.

Five: I miss all the colour, life and excitement of following others’ lives.

Okay, I’m no longer mindlessly scrolling, but my world has shrunk right down to the people right in front of me.

Which I know was the plan, but… “It’s oh so qu-iet…”

Social media sobriety: it’s certainly a funny ol’ place, after years spent splashing around in the deep end of the online scrap world.

Sure, it’s peaceful, healthy and a heck of a lot easier to be mindful. I’ve got my feet back on the ground of the here and now – my simple everyday – and I guess I’m mostly present.

But exciting, colourful and set-off-the-party-poppers fun? Honestly? Not so much.

But it’s a daft lass who returns to something that was so incredibly sticky for her that the word ‘addiction’ would almost certainly be picked out in glittery Thickers on a layout made about the whole area.

10 thoughts on “Why I miss social media

  1. Diane Buchkoski

    I keep FB very limited and Instagram only my faves which I would love for you to come back too. Works for me. Look once a day, we’ll maybe twice🙄cause hubby watching tv. Sorry replying directly to your last post but for some reason can’t do on WordPress. Anyway love every pic you posted. I look at who you are and what you give out as a gift from God. And all the “likes” take it to your heart and “receive the love”.

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  2. Social media is a mixed blessing. I applaud your commitment to wisdom. And simplicity. And God’s calling. I will tell you that at a very low moment in my life, He connected me to one of your Faith scrapper videos and it blessed me beyond anything you can imagine. Even if it was for only a season, it was fruitful. I love your new illustrations and how you are investing in the lives of your parishioners. You are a tremendous blessing and I hope you don’t mind me saying so… BTW, I do miss the Barbie posts 😉.

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  3. I think you sound very wise and measured, Diane… I envy you your ability to take a chocolate from the box, then put it away again! 😉 Thank you so much for the encouragement, lovely friend xx


  4. Oh wow! What a gorgeous comment and such a blessing to me! Thank you – huge smiles here 🙂

    Social media certainly is a mixed blessing. I think it’s a little like junk food – here and there, it’s completely delicious and pretty much harmless, but consumed too much can have negative long-term consequences.

    I’ve noticed that since I stopped looking to get my emotional/friendship needs met online, I’ve had more energy to put into forging real life connections. And I think it’s those face-to-face friendships that genuinely feed me on a soul level…

    I think we’re designed for ‘in real life’ community and online connections work best alongside, and not in place of, those.

    I guess it’s about finding a balance, if you’re one of the lucky people who can manage that, without just turning to the burgers all day long, like I was! :/

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  5. Lindsay Petersen Neumann

    Ok. I just have to answer your question. August 10 was your last instagram post that I can see. WOW. You have so much will power to stay away! I am loving your illustrations in your etsy shop… so now I’m going to have to plan a purchase. Totally worth it to hear your advice on YouTube and see all the pretties!

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  6. Oh bless you, Lindsay! You’re so kind.

    I do miss Instagram a lot and really know what fomo means! I just wish it were the sort of thing I could be measured with and visit once or twice a day, but it’s not.

    I start thinking of my whole day in terms of photo potential and when I make something, I’m itching to share it before I’m even done… just not a good medium for me, sadly! xxx


  7. Mardi Jane

    I miss your beautiful Insta posts Suse… but I can pop by here and get my Suse fix with the added bonus of your beautifully written entertaining posts. Much love….Mardi x

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