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Sometimes the therapy of making these little books can, for me, be in the use of colour.

I know I tend to stick to the exact same palette, but that’s because it rarely fails to have me end my scrap time thinking, “Yes: I needed that – and that page is yum.”


I chose this photo of a little coffee cup that a friend gifted to my daughter when we moved. It’s happy little face is just so cute and I do sometimes get fed up of using pictures of myself.

This page was about feeling hopeful and the dinky little cup – combined with it’s yummy contents – made me think of the simple little blessings that are all around us, even when we feel a bit flat.


I fancied making a double page spread today, as I had a little more time than normal.

I wanted to go artsy on the right hand page, and have a simpler, tidier page on the left.

The two still sit together nicely, as I’ve picked similar colours and repeated a couple of elements, such as the puffy alpha.

For my title, I’ve ‘worked with what’s there’ – a star instead of an ‘o’ and an upside down ‘d’ for the ‘p’ – I think it still reads okay!


I owe a lot to Wilna F for the techniques behind these pages, as they really are about daring to layer materials and techniques and just experimenting to see what happens.

I scribbled over my blue painty background with a marker pen, layered up punched circles of various papers, added more white paint on top, then finally stamped over the top of the lot.

I may go back and add some big white splatters too, but that’s always a bit risky as you’re never quite sure where they’ll land!

Very often, my journalling will take the form of a prayer.

It sounds odd, but the actual creative process itself feels like a prayer too… I can ‘express my heart heavenwards’ through the process of cutting and sticking.

By the time I come to the journalling, I feel like that part can be quite minimal, as I’ve already poured out my heart through the process itself.

And one final tip: don’t underestimate the beauty and scrap potential of haberdashery finds!

I’m currently obsessing over this pink velvet ribbon… so thrifty, yet it packs such a gorgeous visual punch: yum-my.

8 thoughts on “pic | page | process

  1. Bea Courtois

    love these 2 pages!!thanks for the process
    do you know i have begun a scraptherapy book thanks to you?
    you re a real source of motivation,love all you create
    yes to Suse!!
    Béa from France

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  2. Yes! I used to think I needed to journal loads as that would be how I’d ‘get it all off my chest’, but more and more I’m finding that the therapy is in the creativity itself and opening that time up to God to hear my heart there 🙂 xx

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  3. Ah, this comment makes my heart so happy! Thank you, Bea! I hope you spend many happy hours creating your little books… I don’t think I could stop making mine now if I tried xxx

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