Me right now

Buying | super cute placemats from the pound shop… spots or stripes?

At that price, both please!

Making | a job lot of birthday cards for friends and family.

I make, write and address them in January, then just pop each one in the post when it’s time.

Reading | loads! But I’ve realised I need to choose my books with more care… some of the ‘must read’ titles can be too dark for me and affect my mood adversely when I’m not feeling 100%.

Should be fine with some good Irish fun though!

Munching | Homemade salty popcorn.

It would be quite healthy if I didn’t pour half a pack of melted butter on top each time…

Scrapping | lots of days where I’m not sure what to say other than looking for the good bits.

Sometimes when life gets a little inexplicably ‘sludgy’ and journalling feelings feels too big a task, writing notes of gratitude for the small things is a really good place to start.

Enjoying | seeing my girl morph into a mini-teen!

Goodbye trips to the toyshop and hello pocket money purchases from Superdrug.

Crushing on | B&Q’s China Blue in my scraptherapy book… 

It’s a good job we’re in a house that isn’t ours, or I’d have painted every wall this stunning shade by now!

Loving | tucking myself away in my little corner.

Just recently, I’ve been making a coffee, popping on one of The Reset Girl’s chats and sewing supermarket receipts to tulle, while gazing out at the garden birds – as you do!

4 thoughts on “Me right now

  1. Susan Brochu

    Brilliant idea with the cards – I usually do a month at a time but may try to do the whole year at once! This time of the year can sometimes be hard…I feel a little wistful that the holidays are done and the year has ended, but I also feel a little energized by the thought of fresh starts. Like you, I’ll keep looking for the good bits. Wishing you plenty of those, Suse!

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