Planner refresh

Well, a very happy 2019 to you!

And to kick off my new year, I’m doing what has become quite a tradition for me… a simple refresh of my little planner.

This pocket filofax comes with me everywhere I go and I never change it, because it works so well.

It’s small and light enough not to be too heavy in my backpack, and it contains pretty much all the info I need for on-the-go daily planning.

On the inside front page, I popped one of my favourite journalling cards in a bit of plastic packaging to protect it (this one’s coming to my etsy shop in time for February)…

… and on the right, a Doodlebug paperclip that makes me smile every time I see it’s cute little face!

My title page is a little collection of my designs.

I love having the reminder ‘it will be okay’ to see each day… because ultimately, with God, it will be.

As Rob Bell always comfortingly says, “It’s okay: even if it’s not.”

And of course, I had to include a favourite shot of my girl in a plastic envelope at the back of the book: I just love that scowling face!

11 thoughts on “Planner refresh


    Oh yes, finally I found you after missing you at Instagram for a long time. I love your self-designed collections so much. So beautiful and various. I’ll definitely buy and use some of them for my projects. I also think about starting some sort of scraptherapy for me. Maybe I’ll give it a try. Just glueing and playing a few minutes per day. Should be possible.
    Happy and awesome new year for you and your loved ones, Suse. I’m glad to see and read you here.

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  2. Bea Courtois

    have a sweet and lovely year Suse!
    i purchased some of your little cute things on etsy shop and will begin a scraptheraoy book
    thanks for what you are,what you inspire me,every day
    Béa from France

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  3. Yay! So happy to read this message, Anne! I do hope you give scrap therapy a try… it’s been a life-saver for me, keeping me creative and getting all the thoughts and worries down and out of my head.

    Thanks for finding me! This place suits me a lot better than Instagram… I do miss sharing my life there, but I found it way too addictive and I cared too much about the likes and followers! Being over here is a whole lot quieter and more ‘me’ 😉 xxx


  4. rgavila5

    I love this! I love all of the embelishments. I use a Happy Planner but I am trying to figure out a different system for bible journaling. I really love the planner I am using but something like this would work great for journaling. I’m inspired!

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