My word for 2019

Okay! I’ve got it. It actually landed with me a few weeks’ back, but it seemed too simple, so I batted it away.

But I’ve decided to stop shoving the word away and just embrace it: enjoy.

We moved to this island after one of the toughest periods in my life: I was tired out, grieving and hugely unsettled.

Shortly after moving here, I remember standing on the beach and sensing that this place would unwind me – and it has done just that, beautifully.

My new normal is simple, largely shop and internet-less and incredibly unglamorous. But it’s doing me so much good.

After a few years of what felt like a struggle to stay afloat, it feels like it might be time to stand back and enjoy the roses.

It’s time to read more…

… and take more listening walks.

It’s time to enjoy sociability when I can…

… and enjoy introverting when I can’t.

It’s time to enjoy feeling good about my choices…

… and to enjoy my domestic work.

In short, it’s time to really enjoy the small things.

It’s time to enjoy having reached my creative goals…

… as well as finding a form of creativity that I still feel all honeymoon-y about!

I don’t know what 2019 will bring.

But rather than worry about what I can’t change, I plan to sit in the right now of each moment and look for what is right there to be enjoyed, however simple or small.

It’s like God’s given me a present and all that’s required is that I unwrap it and grin.

16 thoughts on “My word for 2019

    1. Ooh, I like bloom for you! When I think of you, I think of delicate florals and beautiful lace… I think bloom could be very good – a gentle unfurling of delicate petals that give a gorgeous other-worldly aroma…

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  1. Ginny Callahan

    Enjoy was my word a few years ago – I wanted to stop & enjoy the little things in life. It was one of my most successful! When you are more present & enjoy the little things,the whole day goes better. My word for 2019 is Calm. I want to calm my mind & be less stressed & anxious. I want to worry less about things out of my control. I want my home to be a calm serene welcoming place. With the world today wish me luck!

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    1. Oh, that sounds perfect, Ginny – I think you’ll really enjoy the pursuit of calm. I also aim for my home to be a peaceful place… it’s a tricky one, as we’re kind of sold this idea of candles and everything immaculate, but our realities are so rarely like that. But when I think of friend’s homes that I enjoy being in, they’re lived-in, colourful and cosy… that’s the sort of atmosphere that I enjoy. 🙂

      ps I’d recommend looking at the news max, once a week… sadly, it’s rarely uplifting, is it? :/


    1. Thank you, dear Nicole. It felt like my word found me, rather than the other way around… I wonder if you say a quick prayer and stay open, whether something will ‘land’ with you in a similar way? xxx


    1. Thank you so much, kelster jean! Yes, I think we can often veer towards ‘do better, achieve more’ kind of words, but forget that there is a season for everything and sometimes all that is required is a grateful heart for all that we have right now.
      Thanks for commenting! xx


  2. venessaollie

    I Love it!
    I also added: Using as much supplies as possible!
    For many years I’ve been buying and collecting beautiful scrapbook paper and embellishments – now it is time to use it! Life is too short to reserve nice things in a cupboard. I want to ENJOY all nice things.

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