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I seem to be making about a million and one scraptherapy pages about my hopes for 2019… I can’t quite pin down either my word or my main goal: hmm.

Anyone else struggling?

One decision that needed no thought however, was whether I ought to bring home this pink enamel colander from the recycling centre: mine!

Also finding a home – at least until I’ve read it, then I’ll pop it back – is this novel about a Yummy Mummy. Hey, I can dream…

Clearly disturbed from her dreams the other day, was Mittens, who I found happily snuggled up in Kitty’s unmade bed.

She must have found a nice warm spot…

Kitts and I are thinking that our decorations might come down on Saturday: how about you?

One thing I will be leaving however, are these gorgeous confetti balloons that are hanging over our kitchen table. Well, it was Jesus’ birthday!

And talking of which, I nearly forgot to show you my pressies!

Kitty got me a set of gorgeous-smelling body creams (she nipped into the chemist while I went in the next shop along!), Rev. Fish got me some fab pastel marker pens and a lovely friend here treated me to a picture frame that I’d admired in her house: how very kind!

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  1. My 2019 word came to me as if struck by lightning and it felt right immediately. OPEN. I want to be open to feel all the real ups and downs of life and open to dealing with them out loud. I want to be open to my husband (I tend to bite my tongue a lot, because I don’t like to disagree with anyone.) I want to be open to new experiences: I’m trying yoga again and I want to get back into a short meditation time as close to daily as possible. I have lots of plans for this little word. Next week I’ll be covering a 4×4 Christmas album with the perfect shade of blue fabric for the year-long project!

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  2. Oh wow, friend, could not love this comment more! I love that you’ve given this so much consideration – it’s important that we decide how we get to live our best lives! Huge well done.

    I love that your word is so meaningful and life-changing… what a powerful way to set forth into the new year – go you!

    I’ve been wondering about the word ‘enjoy’ but it seems so lame and vague. I’ve had a sense recently that it’s almost time to ‘retire’ from trying to get somewhere and just rest and enjoy being where I am. Does that make sense? I’m not convinced that ‘enjoy’ is the best word to sum that feeling up though and ‘retire’ feels wrong… it’s hard to put so much into one word, isn’t it?

    This year, my word was ‘lagom’ – the Swedish word meaning ‘not too much, not too little – just the right amount’ and it really meant a lot, in the way I was working, the way I was being me and the way I was shopping. I’m determined to find the right word for 2019 – they have a lot of positive power, I’m convinced! xxx ps Ali is on ‘Elise Gets Crafty’ this week talking OLW

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  3. I’ll check out Ali’s talk. Thanks for that info. A couple of years ago, I had the same kind of ideas floating around in my head, searching for happiness and satisfaction in life as it is right now. I wanted to slow down, look around, be mindful. My word for that year ended up being PEACE. And it was one of the most powerful OLW years I’ve had. (the most powerful word for me, over the last 10 or so years, was NURTURE.)

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