Dec scraptherapy flip-thru

Hey sweet friends!

I’ve had time today to film a little flip-thru of my December book… I know, we’re still technically in December, but in my head, I’m already firmly in the new year!

I’m so happy with this crazy little book! It’s a real peek into what our lives look like right now – in all their imperfection and scruffiness.

This month has been a slightly trickier one for me than normal for various reasons, so this book has been a place of sorting through feelings, writing out Biblical truths and really getting things off my chest.

It’s been so valuable.

It also marks the end of my stash! Seriously: that’s all my ‘proper’ scrap product used up now, so from here on in, it’s just my designs, some paperclips and a handful of enamel dots.

I’m actually really looking forward to the simplicity of it!

Making these books and sharing them is so good for me: it’s good for me to show up, be 100% myself and – sorry, just watched Trolls – show my true colours.

Hope you enjoy the little video, friends!

8 thoughts on “Dec scraptherapy flip-thru

  1. Hi Lydia! Thank you! I make my videos on Filmora, which is the paid-for film editing software that my hubby uses for his ministry videos. We had some issues with iMovie after we moved – things were taking a ridiculous amount of time to upload, so we switched 🙂 xx

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  2. Ha ha, yes, this one is a bit crazy! I was hoping for something stylish and textured like a Wilna project, but then I get carried away and it all explodes… lol! But the nice thing with these books is that they are what they are – a bit like life! xxx


  3. So beautiful, Suse! You done good! You’ve inspired me to give it a go too. I’ve cancelled all my monthly club subscriptions. I’m going to use what I have, the found pieces of life and my own creativity. (and some original Suse printables, of course.)

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