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Some days you just need to scrap: you reach that point in your day where it’s a case of, “I can spontaneously combust, or I can have a twenty minute date with a glue-stick.”

This was one of those pages!


I chose this picture because it was bright and had all my favourite colours in it. I’m a firm believer in starting with a pretty photo for any sort of scrapbooking project – if your photo is a nice one, the chances are your project will turn out that way too.

Now I’m not on Instagram, I don’t pose for selfies nearly as much as I used to, but I do try to remember, as I love having photos that include me too.

I think sometimes when we’re the family photographer, our story can tend to get left out a bit.


I’ve worked on the back of the paper bag ‘envelope prayer’ spread that I filmed for my youtube channel. I love the texture of the paper bag and the fact that there was already a line of stitching running down it before I started.

I wanted to make a title page for January’s book that was a striking start, but also meaningful.

I’m starting this year with a mixture of hope and a few uncomfortably unanswered questions, but it’s good to be honest and glue in the wobbles as well as the gladness.


I’ve done my usual layering up trick on this page: it always ends up looking more complicated than it is! I started with my photo, a few pretty papers and a glassine bag and just stapled them all together.

From there, I worked on three clusters of embellishment: the title area, the ‘new page’ banner area and the ribbon loop bit on the top left of my picture.

The ‘my favourite place’ stamp is from the Felicity Jane essentials range of stamps which I adore.

Making this page was superb therapy, but I did also get to the end and think, “Oh: I love that page!”

It also only occurred to me then that these little books are going to be particularly special from now on, as they’ll be made entirely from my own products… it’s really quite the thrill!

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  1. Marinette Lesne

    This is perfect as always! Love all the tiny details on your pages! Candy eyes ♥ Have a lovely weekend and wishing you a Merry Christmas ♥

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