Me right now

Making | My little December scraptherapy book… with so much going on this month, it’s turning into a valuable place of feelings-sorting and escape

Reading | this awesome book for, ooh, possibly the fourth time? It’s such a gentle but practical read when it comes to matters of intentionality

Loving | designing my little kits! Would you believe that I’m already working on April’s mini kit? Too much fun!

Spotting | the perfect pink (‘Janice sash!’) ribbon in our local art shop for February’s scraptherapy book

Treating | myself to a set of yummy storage boxes from Hema… Kitts has had these for ages and I finally gave in and got myself some too!

Enjoying | my ridiculously fluffy slipper boots… just so cosy!

Melting | when Kitty makes me little gifts like this one: I found this mini craft kit left on my bedside table the other night