Cute thank you cards

I had a fun evening last night, putting together a pack of thank you cards for Kitty to send after Christmas.

Here’s how they came together…

I started by painting loose squares of minty tester-pot paint onto each card.

These kiddy brushes from Ikea are my favourites.

I then dug through my Felicity Jane stash and pulled out anything that I had duplicates of, so that the cards could be made in a ‘production line’ style. 

This is handy way to work when you have multiples to create!

I always start by popping the bigger items down first and try to keep any larger elements quite neutral in colour.

Once all my backgrounds were done, it was time to start layering on lots of pretty embellishments!

I got rather carried away at this stage and forgot to take photos – oops.

And here are the finished cards! Kitty’s going to write ‘thank you!’ on each of the labels, as well as a message inside.

Super cute, huh?

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