Tips for a minimalist space

As a kid, I was obsessed with giving my Barbies the house of their dreams, making bits of furniture from white-painted matchboxes and cereal packets. Those girls had style!

And now I’m older? Well, now I enjoy nothing more than refreshing my scrap space. Here are my tips for mastering the minimal look…

Tip 1: paint it white

The walls, your furniture, any storage boxes… as with scrapbooking, white provides a lovely fresh background on which colours can really pop.

Tip 2: only keep out what you use

I only keep what I use full-stop, but if you have a larger stash, it might make sense to store some of it away in a cupboard, until it’s needed.

Every item on your desk adds to the visual clutter, so each piece needs to earn it’s keep!

Tip 3: choose a handful of ‘statement accessories’

Track down a few items that you really love and that inspire you.

I spotted this ampersand in a thrift store and toned down it’s fluoro pink edges with a gentler pink shade of emulsion paint.

Tip 4: duplicates of cute items can give visual ‘pop’

These striped pencils were from Poundland and I’ve never even sharpened them.

It’s fine to have items that are entirely decorative if they’re really ‘you’ and add to the vibe of your workspace.

Tip 5: organise your stash neatly

I love these Glis plastic divided boxes, £4 from the Ikea kids’ department – you can remove the lids and they make excellent storage for all your scrapbooking essentials.

Tip 6: remember your colour scheme

I have an admission: I’ve covered my glue stick in cute striped paper because it wasn’t in ‘my’ colours!

But these little details really matter if you’re going for an overall look, so plan a scheme of 3 or 4 colours and try to stick to it.

Tip 7: hits of black and white always look fab

I love the graphic look of black and white and make sure there’s a good amount woven through each of my rooms.

It looks fresh and contemporary and leaves me raring to get going!

Tip 8: you don’t need a whole scraproom

If you can commandeer a corner of a room and make it yours, that’s really all you need.

I bought a sturdy wooden cube unit and my hubby made a wooden desk to attach to it.

So long as you have decent lighting and a wall to hang a pinboard on, you can create a fab little scrap area in any part of your home!

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