My favourite cafe


We’re in a good spot on the island: the town is within walking distance and the beach is just up the road.

Also within a few minutes drive is a posh little shopping destination with a super sweet cafe…


I don’t tend to buy much in the shopping bit, as it’s all a little ‘ker-ching!’ but we do like to mooch about, maybe buy some sweets, then stop for a brew.


I like coming here with the little fam or on my own. It’s a nice spot for a little ‘me-time’ treat every now and then.

How about you? Where’s your favourite coffee spot? And what’s your favourite ‘treat drink’?

7 thoughts on “My favourite cafe

  1. The little coffee shop was too sweet! Where I live we have two choices – Lot 1 which is in an historic building downtown (5 minute drive) or Starbucks inside our grocery store. I’ll take a grande, caramel macchiato with almond milk at either place, although… now it’s Christmas, the Chestnut Praline Latte at SBX is quite wonderful! ☕

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  2. Suse Fish

    Ooh, Chestnut Praline Latte… now that sounds nice. Though I tried my first festive drink ever in Starbucks a few weeks ago – a gingerbread thing – and it was way too sweet for me. Is the chestnut one nicer? xx

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  3. Anastasia Anastasiadi

    Looks like a lovely place 🙂
    I became coffee addict these past few years, and though I live in a huge city and there thousand of cafes here, not every one of them offers good coffee. My fav spot is a little coffee shop with only couple little tables and simple desserts. If I want something fancy I’d order a flat white, otherwise it’s americano with milk.

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  4. Suse Fish

    Ooh yes, Americano is my drink of choice too! I don’t think I can be very discerning as I’ll drink any sort of coffee… all tastes good to me, lol xx


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