Dec Scraptherapy | day 8

Today’s scraptherapy pages ended up being about ladies who shine… let me explain!

On my first page, I’ve got a printable from Ali Edwards which I totally adore.

It’s a great message, especially at this time of the year.

In the evening we went to the most amazing nativity service ever: it took place in a barn, on a real life farm and featured about 60 kids – all in costume – complete with real animals and baby Jesus!

Plus there were adorable kittens running around the hay bales the audience were sat on… it doesn’t get much better than that!

The lady who led the event is an inspiration to me: she just shines Jesus and lets God freely use all her giftings.

Then I’ve popped in a page from the Superdrug Christmas gift guide, as we spent a very happy morning shopping and having coffee in town.

I’m oddly grateful to Zoella, as she really is a positive role model for young girls to have – my daughter loves watching her crafty and beauty vlogs and often rushes off to try whatever she’s seen.

I wanted to journal about our lovely morning together in town, as we really had fun and with Rev. Fish being so busy with his job (especially at this time of the year), it was a real treat to have some quality family time.

I stuck the cover of the gift guide into my book as I loved the colours.

I’ve never been a ‘get dressed up for Christmas’ kind of a girl (unless you count fluffy sweaters and furry boots!) but I do love the idea of festive party outfits.

Yes, Kitty has started pulling Christmas crackers… too early, too schmerly!

And I wanted to just share with you my journalling for the day, as it’s very much where my thinking is at the moment.

Everyday imperfection: it’s where it’s at!

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