Dec Scraptherapy | day 6

Today’s page features my little Frosty Snowman… which is odd, as my thoughts today were about Christmases in climates where it almost certainly doesn’t snow!

We got our annual Christmas letters from our sponsored children today and reading their descriptions of Christmas dinner really brought me up short: one special dish mentioned was ‘rice with raisins.’

It makes you realise how much we have, doesn’t it? I popped that letter in a scalloped pocket made from card, which I stitched around.

My next page featured a photo of some of the decorations at the craft fair I did last month. 

I journalled about a tougher than usual day, where I really needed to ‘choose my mood’. Not letting my feelings sit in the drivers seat is an ongoing battle with me and I’m getting better at talking back to myself:

“No: this day has not been disastrous because of ‘x’: there was also ‘y’ and ‘z’, both of which went very well, so chin up, chicken.”

And I couldn’t resist popping this Kitty pic on my page too: serious Grinch face, there!

8 thoughts on “Dec Scraptherapy | day 6

  1. Suse Fish

    Hi kellylauraevents! Thanks so much for commenting. Yes, it really brought me up short, as I’m always thinking about what I might need to buy next; to think of people for whom rice and raisins is a genuine treat… wow. xx

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  2. Anastasia Anastasiadi

    I don’t know about those particular kids, it might be a real treat for them indeed.
    But it made me think about another thing, a tradition we have in our family – sweet wheat with raisins for Christmas and Easter (other people make rice with raisins, ugh). It’s not because there is nothing else to eat, far from it. But it’s something our grandparents and their grandparents before them made for holidays and I think it’s a lovely way to connect with your ancestors and remember you roots.

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  3. Suse Fish

    Wow, I’ve never heard of sweet wheat with raisins, either! I wonder which country you’re from, Anastasia? Here, our festive treats mainly involve chocolate… and alcohol! xxx


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