Around here

Loving | the jug a dear friend from church gifted to me… utterly gorgeous, and I may cried a little

Spotting | the fur twins sharing a rare ‘let’s hang together’ moment – guess I’m not making the bed anytime soon then…

Buying | this enormous glitter pinecone from Kitty’s school fair – it’s too heavy to hang on the tree!

Reading | a favourite festive comfort read – as an ex-shopaholic myself, I have a soft spot for Becky Bloomwood

Socialising | a little more with my church friends – I’m proud of introverted ol’ me!

Admiring | the kids’ craft Rev. Fish did at a recent Messy Church… yay for kiddy art that we really want to keep!

Adoring | the prayer shawl a friend gifted to me: what a stunning colour!

Despairing | of our tree ever being left alone: Mittens has pulled it over four times now (and each time scampers away looking very pleased with herself…)

2 thoughts on “Around here

  1. Suse Fish

    Lol – but hanging all the baubles back on… grr! When ours were small, it was cute as they climbed up but didn’t affect anything. Last year, we actually tied the tree to a pillar, but this year we’re in a modern house, so no handy pillars 😉

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