Morning beach walk

When I spot the sun coming up in a pretty way, I always throw the camera in my bag, just in case there are some nice photo ops… and this morning, there were! 

Even our street looked like something out of The Truman Show today…

Hope this lady doesn’t mind being on my blog!

She had a gorgeous little wiggly King Charles Spaniel (my favourite breed) who came up for a little stroke.

That shop on the right with the yellow sign is our town’s best thrift store (but don’t tell that to the boss of the one I work in, lol)

The waves came in just as I was photographing this shell – I had to jump back to avoid getting my feet soaked!

It’s a little blurry, but I’m pleased with the shot.

When the fishing boats come back in with their morning catches, the gulls circle overhead en-masse.

I may be the only one around here who loves seagulls – I find them really quite fun characters! 

Over the bridge past the boats in the harbour, to beach two…

…which is guarded by this beautiful statue called Fenella.

I will never stop being grateful that we’ve been posted in such a beautiful spot! 

And I’ll never quite stop envying the people who get to stay here forever, lol.

Then back along the prom and home again. 

These morning walks are so good for me, both mentally and physically.

They really help to calm me down and remind me that the creator of the vast oceans, also has me gently cradled in His hands.

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