New: floral clusters

I wonder how often you like to make pages featuring a simple photo embellished with one or two simple fussy-cut flowers?

I do pages like that all the time and they make me so happy!

There’s nothing simpler (or more lovely, imo!) than popping a photo down and ‘framing it’ with a pretty floral cluster.

I like to use fussy-cut florals throughout my little books – they just add a welcome hit of prettiness to an otherwise plain page.

They’re awesome for Bible journalling pages too!

So I thought it would make sense to add a ‘florals’ page of die-cuts for each of my mini-kits. 

They’re super-handy to have on hand, especially if you need to bulk out the mini-kit each month.

I can’t thank you enough for all your support of my little shop… sales have already been way beyond anything I’d ever imagined, so thank you friends, sincerely.

I should also add that all proceeds from this little venture will be going to World Vision UK, so know that each and every purchase you make will be helping poorer communities in our world.

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